First Utility News Update: No Winter Rises With First Utility

First Utility Refuse to Raise Prices

First Utility News Update: No winter rises with First Utility. The electricity supplier has laid down the gauntlet to the big six by keeping prices stable.

As the country is bracing itself for the inevitable rises in energy costs that will be imposed buy the ‘big six’ energy suppliers in the UK, First Utility have made a stand and have said that they will not be putting up their tariffs this winter and that they will keep prices level all through the winter season.

First Utility are the UK’s largest independent energy supplier and this promise will give their customers the peace of mind that the price they are paying for their electricity will not leave them out in the cold this winter. This will be particularly welcome at a time when there is more and more pressure on the family budget and when pressure on the household finances is great as young children and older people in particular need to be kept warm.

The big six, First Utility report, have said that the reason for the rise in energy prices is a result of the government’s requirements and the rising price of network costs. However First Utility point out that they are subject to the same financial demands for meeting government obligations and for network costs but that at First Utility they are happy to take a stand and to show that it is possible to sell energy to their customers at a more affordable rate. They are firm in their belief that prices do not have to rise just because of the cold and what looks like an opportunity for the big six to get richer when they know that demand will be at its peak.

First Utility News Update

The Chief Executive Officer of First Utility Mr Ian Craig said that the ever increasing cost of energy affected everyone and many consumers would find themselves in real difficulties because of the price rises that are being imposed by the big six. He said that his company were focusing on keeping prices as low as they could so that their customers would not have to face worry about their fuel bills. He pledged that the prices would be held down until the winter abated a bit so that their customers would not have to worry about being cold and not being able to afford to heat their homes during the cold winter months.

Use the First Utility contact number to speak with a member of their customer services department.

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