First Utility News Update: Fixed Energy Tariff Launched

First Utility Fixed Rate Tariff

First Utility News Update: Fixed energy tariff launched. The energy company launches a new long-term fixed energy tariff to fix prices till January 2016.

The new tariff makes the new iSave Fixed v10 the cheapest energy tariff on the market and when applied to the average bill for dual fuel supply to a home around one thousand two hundred and seventy four pounds a year. Customers will have to pay a £30 fee if they choose to leave the tariff before the end of the term.

Although it is often the case that the fixed long-term deal is often more expensive than a variable tariff, spending a little more on the fixed energy tariff will give those who choose it the peace of mind that they will not be faced with any further price hikes in their energy supply over the year that the tariff covers. Other energy suppliers offer tariffs with a fixed price too and one was recently launched by Scottish Power – a 3 year tariff that is called Fixed Price Energy January 2017 and is set to rival another long term deal that is currently on offer, the EDG Energy Blue Price Freeze which is a fixed energy cost tariff that is in place until November of 2016. Both of these dual energy deals represent a cost of one thousand three hundred and fifty pounds each year.

First Utility News Update

First Utility do claim to be the most affordable tariff on the market, but it has been highlighted that the deal only covers the period up to January 2016 a period of just over two years whereas the tariffs from the other two energy providers covers a period of three years. The price comparison site website Energy helpline has claimed recently that all the “Big Six” energy suppliers in the UK were planning to increase their bills over the months to come possibly up to as much as an additional ten per cent which could represent 10 per cent, adding an estimated amount of between seventy and one hundred and forty pounds to the bills of an average household.

Updates On First Utility

As First Utility announce their new energy tariff the figure for the average profits for the big six energy suppliers is reported as being up some seventy three pre cent to over three and a half million pounds over the last three years. In the same period average household bills are reported as having risen by some three hundred pounds coming in at an average of one thousand four hundred and twenty pounds.

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