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FedEx News Update: FedEx who currently operate under the company Red Star Express in Nigeria have plans to expand further into North and South Africa.

The international shipping company FedEx mainly operate out of Nigeria, represented by Red Star Express, within Africa. They also now operate out of South Africa, Mozambique, Libya, Malawi, Zambia and Swaziland. However FedEx now feel it is time to expand further into Northern and Southern African countries in an aim to improve their scope. Their new offices are being set up in the promise to benefit Africans across the continents and allow for easier, faster and more reliable shipping. Many of these countries, such as Libya, promise to be very valuable due to the potential growth as a stable economy is established in the post-revolution era. FedEx will have a good affect within these countries by bringing in money from international trade and improving business capabilities within the country. The ongoing expansion currently happening within Africa promises to be productive for individuals and organisations. Individuals will now have the ability to have items of personal interest shipped in from abroad, for businesses, will open a new window of high speed international trade that they may not have had access to before. Within Libya, FedEx have teamed up with Takween – a Libyan based company, in the hope of rebuilding and improving the international services accessible to the country. Multinational shipping services have also paired up with Supa-Swift, and gained control of over the companies owned by them within South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Swaziland. The new co-ordination between these to companies promises to improve shipping internally and externally.

The new acquisitions of companies open new windows for FedEx. They now have access to over 30 facilities across 7 countries within Africa. This has improved the shipping opportunities for FedEx and the inhabitants of Africa massively. While FedEx have access to the facilities will have the ability to ship and import to 220 territories and countries across the globe. This expansion also gives the opportunities, of shipping to 220 foreign countries, to Red Star Express who are in association with FedEx. Federal Express have a new fleet of 500 vehicles ready for use and 1400 newly trained employees operating within Africa. Red Star Express now has an airside facility by Nigeria’s international airport, in order to ship export and import goods. They also have motorcycles and 8 new trucks with way up to 40 tonnes in order to improve shipping within the country. All of which is also at the discretion of FedEx.

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