Experian News Update: Security of Data Worries

Experian Data Worries

Experian News Update: Security of data worries. An article appeared recently concerned about the vast amounts of information being kept by data brokers.

As data brokers like Experian continue to grow and to amass vast amounts of information on our personal and financial details the writer of the article asked how long it would be before something went drastically wrong and put hundreds of thousands of peoples security at risk? And when that happened as the commentator thought it would inevitably do, he assumed that consumers would be left to clear up the mess.

Matthew Schwartz writing in the Daily Mail asked us to consider the ID theft landscape where a large business earns millions of pounds and dollars from trading in personal information about each of us, including our addresses, banking details and our social security numbers.

Now suppose that that organisation loses the information it holds on us and it falls into the wrong hands or maybe inadvertently sells it to an overseas buyer intent on committing fraud. Would we then be able to sue the company that mis-sold our information? No apparently we would not. This is because in a legal sense the business, being a broker, has no relationship with us. So they can carry on doing what they are doing while we the consumers are left to sort out the mess and devastation that has occurred.

Experian News Update

Recently news broke that a subsidiary of Experian, Court Ventures had been selling information to a Vietnamese fraud service that then went on to offer their nefarious customers the opportunity to access social security and diver license details as well as the financial information of millions of Americans.

One person who wanted to be anonymous had spoken to the reporter and said that she thought that she was a victim of this fraud and had had her Mastercard accounts targeted. She had discovered a new charge on one that was clearly a fraud and that was followed by several more of subsequent weeks.

It turned out that a fraudulent account had been created on line and all her personal details including updated details of her address and her phone number as well as some other changes proved to be enough for the credit bureau to action a change of address for her. Fortunately this consumer realized what was happening in time before any major damage was done and before it could become a total nightmare.

Experian are available to be contacted using the following linkĀ http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/experian-contact-number/.

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