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Experian News Update: Identity authentication offered. News that UK consumers on line will soon be able to use the Experian secure identification services.
The new authentication service will allow on line shopping and other transactions to be more secure, as customers are able to quickly confirm their identity. This move has come hot on the heels of the appointment of Experian by the Governments’ Digital Service as the choice of identity verifier in association with the new programme of Identity Assurance. The main aim of this move is to give users of Government services on line a quick and trouble free verification option that does not involve producing and submitting paper documentation in order to verify identity, name and address etc.
This move has come as the Government try to provide customers of their services on line more control over the information about them that is stored on line. And with the new programme people will be offered a choice of providers that can be used to validate identity. Once identity has been validated through Experian, consumers will be given the means to set up a password use of which will give them access to secure, fast and simple online access to public services when they become available next year. For consumers to be able to prove their identity in this simple and safe way is accepted as an important enabler of the use of the Internet by Government agencies and is also part of its promise to offer digital services that are uncomplicated and appropriate, factors that make them simple and straightforward to use.
Experian, who offer worldwide information services, have been chosen to be one of the programme’s main providers of identity verification because of the scope of the consumer information that it covers as well as its ability to provide fast identity verification that is paper less in both the private and the public sector.
The managing director of the Strategic Global Development team at Experian Caroline Thomas said that all those who chose Experian to provide identity authentication would be assured of fast and protected reliable access to a vast range of services offered by the Government without any need for the traditional paper based identification methods. She added that Experian’s experience in applying and supplying secure and effective authentication of identity for those in the public and the private sector, made them ideal for the Government programmes requirements.

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The Experian identity verification programme will be trialled soon. Once it has become established, from the Spring of 2014 it will be extended gradually over the full range of Government digital services via the Government website.

For the official website, please visit http://www.experian.co.uk/. For the Experian customer service number, visit http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/experian-customer-service/.

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