Eurostar News Update: Breakdown Leads to Chaos

Eurostar delayed trains

Eurostar News Update: Breakdown leads to chaos as thousands of Eurostar passengers had to struggle with delays and some cancellations after a breakdown.

The breakdown occurred near the Channel Tunnel and as a result three of the Eurostar services to Paris and another destined from Brussels had to be cancelled. The delays caused were thought to be some six hours. The next day however the services appeared to be returning to normal with only a few more delays expected in the afternoon according to a Eurostar spokesman. The breakdown occurred on the afternoon of the 28th October when a Connex train failed on a track close to Sevenoaks in Kent. The breakdown led to a backlog of trains and the situation worsened as the evening wore on. The pressure of commuters arriving in London Waterloo who then had to be found taxis or accommodation exacerbated the situation.

By four thirty in the morning four trains that were due to arrive at Waterloo before midnight were stuck on tracks outside the station each with around seven hundreds passengers on board each of them. One of the trains affected was one that was due to arrive from Brussels at quarter to eleven that evening while three others from Paris were due in at between eleven and eleven forty three that evening. The last train that was expected that night was from Paris and was due to arrive at around a quarter to midnight but only finally made it into the station at five thirty in the morning.

Eurostar News Update

The knock on effect on other services saw passengers queuing for up to two hours for a taxi to take them from the station. Many of the passengers who were affected vented their anger at Eurostar for ruining their short breaks to Europe and many commuters had travelled on the late night services to be able to sleep at home and then go to work the following morning. After spending all night on the stranded train one commuter said that they did not know how they would be able to work as they were so tired. The woman passenger said that she had paid one hundred and sixty pounds for her ticket and was appalled at the service.

A spokesman for Eurostar said that they very much regretted the inconvenience caused and added that compensation would be available for those who had suffered delays to their journeys.

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