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Travel on Eurostar is one of the exciting experiences on a lot of people’s wish lists. For timetable details call Eurostar customer service 0844 887 1188.

There is always something romantic about a long train journey and a train journey between countries is perhaps the most exciting of all. The Eurostar makes use of the Channel Tunnel to take passengers to destinations in Europe. A new terminal just for the train has been built at St Pancras station in London with services to France to Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. The high-speed train regularly offer very good deals for passengers to experience what it is like to travel by train at two hundred miles an hour on the tracks in France. On board are comfortable seats and an excellent dining service as the train makes its way through the tunnel underneath the English Channel. The time that the train takes to travel the distance through the tunnel is about 20 minutes and of course as it does so, it is not going at two hundred miles an hour. That thrill comes as the train leaves the tunnel to begin its journey across France towards the station in Paris. For more details call Eurostar customer service 0844 887 1188.

There are several tunnels under the channel and as well as the one used by the passenger trains, there are others that transport cars and lorries in specially designed rolling stock that motorists can drive on and off as they reach their destination. It is a very slick operation and allows for the biggest lorries and large tourist coaches to travel with ease. For freight transport details call Eurostar customer service 0844 887 1188.

One of the services that connects with the Eurostar is the Orient Express passenger transport from London. Coaches take the Orient Express passengers to the tunnel and the coach then is transported under the channel. At the other end of the tunnel in Calais the passengers disembark and begin the trip of a lifetime on the Orient Express.

Eurostar Customer Service 0844 887 1188

Eurostar is also a very popular option for business people who need to travel to European cities for work. The train gives them a chance to continue to work as they are transported speedily to their destination. For timetable details for all the destinations served by Eurostar, call Eurostar customer service 0844 887 1188.

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