Europcar News Update: Europcar Urge Families to Take The Scenic Route

europcar scenic route half term

Europcar News Update: Europcar urge families to take the scenic route at half term and use one of the 4×4’s in the Prestige fleet to visit the countryside.

Those families planning to take to the roads this half term are being made aware of the superb range that Europcar have in their Prestige range with lots of room for everyone inside. A spokesman from Europcar said that while most of us focus on getting from A to B on our journeys it is easy to forget that there is a lot of wonderful scenery to be enjoyed as we travel across the UK. They think that using one of their luxurious prestige vehicles is the perfect way for the family to relax in luxury and really enjoy the view along the way.

Maybe a weekend booking of the luxurious Mercedes ML would make the most of the drive through the highlands of Scotland and the magnificent Glencoe. From the road the sight of the wonderful purple heather and the golden bracken will delight everyone. With one of the luxury cars even the most mundane of journeys will be special and the chance to explore will be irresistible.

The vehicles in the Europcar Prestige fleet offer all the luxury that can be enjoyed without compromising any of the rugged dependability that might be needed for a journey over the moors or through the highlands or even over the mountainous terrain of the Snowdonia National Park. And even the longest of road journeys will be fine and very comfortable for all the family in the spacious interior of the vehicles on offer. There is plenty of space for the luggage that will be needed and it could also be a great chance to try out a vehicle that you are thinking of buying.

Europcar News Update

One of the fleet, the Range Rover Westminster is especially stylish and powerful and that would make it perfect for a trip around the wonderful scenery of the Lake District and a leisurely roam around the lakes with views of the fells. While everyone has the space and comfort to enjoy the trip to the maximum you can be sure that the vehicle you are driving will be in tip top condition and will offer reliable and enjoyable motoring for your family holiday. Europcar will deliver the car to the door before your trip and pick it up again when you return.

Call the Europcar phone number for all enquiries and further information.

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