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Esure News Update: Keys to a fortune. Esure says that the average Brit has keys with them that can unlock a fortune of up to twenty eight thousand pounds.

Esure warned that the keys that most of us carry with us every day on average could give access to almost thirty thousand pounds worth of goods. And on top of that a figure in the region of forty three per cent of us lose our keys each month.

This means that a figure of about one in five Brits lose or misplace their car keys and the keys to their homes each month. Crime figures show that eight hundred thousand homes in the UK were broken into based on figures for 2011 and 2012 while almost half of British residents admit that they have not changed the locks on their new dwellings after moving in. The esure study also found that those questioned were more worried at the thought of losing a purse or wallet than they were about losing their keys.

Even although the home contents of most homes in the UK are valued at an average of sixteen thousand pounds, twenty fiver per cent of those questioned for the esure survey admitted that they had never thought about what riches their keys represented. As well as this it turns out that one in four of us have up to two mystery keys on our key rings that we have no idea of the items they relate to, esure reports.

Esure say that sixty three per cent of us apparently carry our car keys with us as we go through the day and an other ten per cent have keys to their desk as well as well as bike locks and the usual house keys. A further eight per cent carry keys for their bike locks. Over ten per cent of us have the key for another home on our key rings and have keys to our partners or friends or neighbours homes. Almost a quarter also have keys to our parents homes on the key ring as well.

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The average loss for those who loose a car key is around eleven thousand pounds When car keys go missing, Brits stand to lose an average of eleven thousand pounds although that can rise to as much as twenty thousand pounds as people hold the key to a second family car on their key rings as well.

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