Equifax News Update: Equifax Introduce Workforce Solutions

Equifax intro of workforce

Equifax News Update: Equifax introduce workforce solutions at the very cutting edge of consumer, commercial and workforce resources throughout the world.

Equifax are a world leader in the field of information solutions for business in the commercial world and in personal finances.

Their name has become synonymous with information that can be trusted and it is on the information they provide that many lending decisions are made. They have information on over five hundred million customers and over eighty-one businesses throughout the world and they specialise in providing information that customers can trust to make their financial decisions.

The company has its headquarters in Atlanta in the United States of America and has investments in eighteen countries globally. Their name is known for more than just their credit reporting however, and one of their latest developments has been in the field of employment solutions and specifically in the area of unemployment claims.

Equifax know that unemployment claims management can be a very challenging process that most organisations will have to face at one time or another. It can also come with a unique set of challenges for those in the employment industry. Dominated by form filling and deadlines with compliance issues and with efficiency concerns there is also the matter of ever changing employment legislation to deal with.

Equifax News Update

In a recent webinar Renhill Staffing shared details of the successful implementation of the Equifax Work Force Solution Case Builder that they were using within their organisation. In the webinar risk manager for Renhill Staffing Tami Stansley and the director of Equifax Work Force Solution Jennifer Redden explored the case study analysis of the features the results and the benefits of using the Case Builder application.

Using the experience of industry in implementing the system the two directors discussed how the organisations that used the system would be able to improve the time line and the consistency of claims made and how Renhill had been using the staffing solution to simplify their processes.

Increased transparency of procedures was demonstrated and delegates learned how this could be used to the benefit of the claims management procedure. The webinar was attended by HR professionals who were keen to learn how to streamline the claims for unemployment that they had to deal with and at the same time improve the service to the employee as well as providing a smoother and more efficient operation.

Contact Equifax customer service and speak with a member of their team about anything regarding to company.

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