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Epson News Update: New HD ready portable projector unveiled. Epson display a new home cinema projector with full keystone correction and long lamp warranty.
Epson have had a long history of producing cutting edge products for the home and office. And their latest release has been greeted with excitement. Epson had already produced a home cinema projector the TW480 but have now moved on to produce the next generation of projector, the TW490 that is HD ready. The new home cinema projector from Epson offers all the features of the previously produced one but also offers a correction of thirty degrees both vertically and horizontally as well as a two thousand hour or three year lamp warranty.
Using the cutting edge keystone correction, users of the new projector will be able to align a straight image with ease regardless of what angle the projector is set at. The projector’s slim and lightweight design and portability mean that it can be set up and used almost anywhere and is perfect for watching films, playing video games, or setting up in a different room to shout encouragement for your team in sporting events at home or at a friends house, or in fact anywhere you might find yourself when the big game starts.
The technology of the new projector includes 3000 lumens colour and high white output as well as Epson’s 3LCD technology. The images produced by the projector can be viewed in a brilliant brightness and vivid colour even if the room is not dark. With a 12000 to 1 contrast ratio even the most atmospheric and shadowy movie scenes will look a lot more clear without any visual wash out.

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The Epson business manager Graeme Davidson, has commented that the latest offering from Epson the HD ready projector can easily be transformed to accommodate the playing of video games, big-screen events, films and all types of sports into visual cinematic quality images. The new projector is also easy to set up and with the longer lamp warranty being offered by Epson, a warranty that is a lot longer than any of those offered by its competitors, the focus can always be on what is being shown on the screen rather than what is happening with the projector. The new projector will be available to buy in the shops from this month. There is sure to be big interest in this new offering from Epson who continue to innovate.


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