Eon News Update: New Gas Discovery

Eon News Update

Eon news update: Eon E&P has recently made a huge discovery within the North Sea. It’s believed to be the biggest discoveries in recent years in this region.

Eon E&P team, Exploration and Production’s, have located a huge gas discovery in Tolmount, Scotland. The significant amount is believed to be containing more gas than originally thought, if so it will become the biggest find in the vicinity in recent years. The newly finished assessment of the area came to an end and reached its targets, well inside the allotted time and within the budget provided on the 6th July. The newly discovered Tolmount gas field is conveniently located very close to an existing gas infrastructure within the North Sea. Eon Exploration and Productions is already a major firm within this area. They currently operates in the Johnston and Babbage gas fields within the UK North Sea. Frank Sivertsen the CEO of Eon Exploration and Productions believes that this gas field could be the largest to be discovered in the North Sea within the past decade. The new Tolmount gas field is roughly 50km off of the UK coastline within block 42/28d in the UK Southern North Sea. It is to the North East of Dimlington, and East of the county of Yorkshire. Block 42/28d is jointly owned. Eon own 50% of this block where as Dana Petroleum Limited owns the other 50%.

Eon E&P is a rapidly growing global corporation unit of the Eon Group. E&P currently operate in the UK, Algeria, Russia and Norway. The firm is the fastest growing organisation who is currently working within the North Sea. E&P has been working in the North Sea for the past ten years starting in 2003, the branch started with a 15% stake in the Norwegian section of the Njord field. Further accomplishments later followed such as the take over of the Minnow Caledonia within the UK North Sea and a further 15% section of the Njord. During the 27th licensing round within the UK, Eon Explorations and Productions were extremely successful bidders for exploration space in offshore areas such as the UK North Sea. Today Eon Exploration and Productions operate in many areas their most prominent being: central North Sea, Southern Gas Basin, West of the Shetland Islands, the Barents Sea, Mid Norwegian Sea and the Norwegian North Sea. E&P currently holds equity interests in roughly 50 licences within Norway and the UK, despite this amount they only operate in 15 sites which is equivalent to one third of their licensed locations; however there are plans to improve this figure.

If you would like to know more on the Exploration and Productions scheme, call our Eon Customer Service Number.

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