Emirates News Update: Airline Denied Rumours About Indian Airline

Emirates deny Indian Airline Rumours

Emirates News Updates

Emirates News Update: The Dubai based airline denied rumours that they will be buying a stake in Indian budget airline, SpiceJet.

Recently, there has been a considerable amount of rumours that the airline company were planning to buy a stake in the Indian airline company SpiceJet. However, Emirates have denied these accusations and have said that although they have plans to expand and grow further as a company, these rumours are misleading and not what the company are currently looking to be a part of.

SpiceJet is an Indian budget airline company that has recently experienced a steep decrease in the value of their shares, and they are therefore very keen to be involved with a well-known and successful airline company who is of a much bigger scale than themselves.

Emirates says that they are currently only concentrating on self investment and their aim is to expand and strengthen their network connections. Currently, they are the biggest foreign airline working within India and travels to an impressive ten locations with over one hundred and eight flights per week.

The Dubai based airline are focused on improving their service and providing the best possible experience for their consumers. They pride themselves on their good customer service and their efficient, reliable and trustworthy reputation; a positive factor that has most definitely caused them to be the largest airline in all of the middle east.

Updates For Emirates

Five years ago, the company launched the A380, an aircraft that was known as an Airbus and it’s first flight was to New York City. Since then, the aircraft now flies to twenty one locations in total and shows how the airline are committed to constantly improving and providing a better service for their consumers.

The company also have major plans for the future, which do not include SpiceJet. There is talk of new routes with the A380 Airbus traveling to Los Angeles, Zurich and Brisbane, as well as keeping on track with all the latest inventions and technologies that could lead to faster, bigger and more efficient planes that allow passengers to travel with extreme comfort.

If you would like more information on Emirates and the services they have to offer or just for a general enquiry, then you can ring the Emirates contact number that will put you through to their customer services department, whereby someone will be happy to take your call. Alternatively you can visit their official website www.emirates.com for more details.

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