Elephant Insurance News Update: Solar Powered Car Wins Race

Elephant Win Solar Car Prize

Elephant Insurance News Update: Solar powered car wins race. Elephant are always very keen to keep their clients updated on news from the motoring world.

The latest news that Elephant have communicated is the fact that a team from the Eindhoven University of Technology that is situated in the Netherlands had managed to win a three thousand-kilometre race that was held across Australia. The remarkable thing was that the team had won the race in a solar powered vehicle. The vehicle that had four seats and was a family type of car crossed the finishing line of the race after it had first travelled to Adelaide from Darwin in the Photovoltaic race.

Elephant commented that although it was likely to be some time before their policyholders and other motorists would be able to buy one of the solar powered cars, events being held like the World Solar Challenge were highlighting new innovations that might be part of the mainstream of car production one day in the future.

The innovative vehicle was manned by Team Eindhoven and it was entered into the new Cruiser Class category of the competition. This new class has been added to the event in an attempt to encourage more innovation around vehicles produced with commercially viable designs but that do not rely on traditional fuel sources.

The judging criteria for the cruiser class of vehicle does not judge cars on their speed alone but also takes into consideration factors such as practical use, with the ultimate aim being the ability of the vehicle to achieve road registration in its country of origin.

Elephant Insurance News Update

In an interview, Team Eindhoven said that the team had been judged on various aspects of the vehicle such as its comfort, the features that were available and the styling that it had. Aesthetics were also an important area of judging. The ability of the car to be parallel parked and to have adequate space for cargo were also judged. The car that the team entered was the only one in the class that had a licence plate and as such won extra points for that.

The director of World Solar Challenge Chris Selwood said that he wanted to congratulate Team Eindhoven for the innovation of the vehicle they had entered and on the practicality and the forward thinking that had gone into its design. The fact that it had extra seats was particularly praised.

Contact the Elephant customer service department to speak with a member of their team about the solar car.

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