EE News Update: Kevin Bacon Uses FaceTime in Advert

Kevin Bacon Uses FaceTime

EE News Update: Footloose actor Kevin Bacon uses the FaceTime feature of the Apple iPhone in the new television advert for telecommunications company EE.

“In what may be a bid to grow the market for the iPhone, Apple and EE have teamed up to produce an ad staring Kevin Bacon. The advertisement was first broadcasted on the 17 July and like EE’s other ads it stars popular actor Kevin Bacon, EE’s celebrity representative. The latest ad demonstrates the benefits of the super-fast 4G network by filming him using the FaceTime feature.

The emphasis on the ‘biggest and fastest’ 4G broadband network, could be seen as an attempt by Apple to impress new users, due to the recent dip in quarterly profit and slowing sales of the iPhone. In April, Apple reported its first 20% profit decline in a decade. Analysis suggests the decline is due to saturation in the mobile phone market and competition with Samsung.

EE was the result of a merger between Orange and T-Mobile. In the past Apple have teamed up with T-Mobile to create adverts promoting the iPhone 5.

EE was the first UK network to offer 4G. However, later this year rival operators are expected to introduce their own 4G services that promise double speeds and double data for new customers.

Fourteen mobile phone brands will have access to this super-fast broadband network, and Apple will be able to take advantage of that. The high speed 4G network is perfect for downloading movies and playing online games and this is ideal for iPhone 5 users.

For now, EE’s 4G network may be Apple’s opportunity to re-boot the community of iPhone users and result in a quarterly revenue growth, at least in the UK.

The collaboration between EE and Apple may well evoke interest, although with rumour of iPhone 6 coming soon people may well wait.”

EE is the company formed following the merger of mobile phone service providers Orange and T-mobile. Their name stands for ‘Everything Everywhere’ with the emphasis on their customers being able to access the best mobile phone coverage wherever they are in the country – a rival bid to phone company Three Mobile to become the service provider who offers the best service in the UK.

If you are a current EE customer and have an enquiry about the phones available to you or if you are looking to become an EE customer contact their customer services department and discuss their products and services. Click Here for all contact information. Alternatively you can visit the EE website.

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