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Data Collection and Sales

EE News Update: A new scandal hit the mobile phone market this week when it was revealed that three of the major companies will be involved in a deal to sell collected data in order to sell advertising on the internet. In excess of 17 million customers’ data will be assessed in order to gauge the adverts that they see when they surf the internet.

Major corporations such as Google are already known to tailor advertising to each individual searcher but the trade of data collected seems to be a step too far in the direction of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’. It also harks towards concerns of duplicity on the companies’ parts, there is arguably not much lower for a company than to sell their customers’ data for additional profit.

Implications for Customers

The idea, concocted by Vodafone, O2 and EE will see the three service providers profit from advertising tailored to a broad spectrum of customers on an anonymous basis – e.g. women over the age of 50 with a Nokia phone and a low income. The data will be used to assist corporate clients with particular adverts on mobile internet sites and apps that will be both individually selected based on what they search for as well as location-based searches. So essentially what this means is that your location is logged and if you are near to a coffee shop for example an offer is sent through to your phone for that coffee shop to entice you into purchasing a drink.

Customers are being reassured that all the data will be anonymous and broad so other than age groups, locations and device brands there is no other data made available to the advertising companies. Names and phone numbers will never be made available.

While there are major benefits to this in terms of location specific offers and vouchers there are grace concerns developing regarding privacy in this country. Technology develops at such a rate these days that it can’t possible be a particularly significant step from collecting location data to the names and phone numbers that remain supposedly firmly under lock and key.

The Sunday Telegraph discovered that Which? have demanded stricter rules and regulations on the way personal data is traded. One option they have proposed is installing a limit on the time that companies can contact individuals.
For more information on news such as this or to contact the companies listed above please visit or the Vodafone, O2 and EE websites.

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