EDF Energy News Update: Single Unit Pricing

single unit price

EDF Energy News Update: Decision that all energy companies should change their deals to single unit pricing, making price comparisons easier for customers.

EDF energy is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, providing thousands of houses across the country with electricity and gas. The company have just released that they would like to see single unit pricing across all gas and electricity  in order to make consumers shopping experience easier when buying gas and electricity as it will be easier to see and compare prices.

Is Single Unit Pricing better?

However EDF energy have said despite heavily backing this idea, they will only switch to single unit pricing if all other providers do so too. Ofgem has said at the moment the idea would be too complicated to enforce and is not as simple as it might seem due to the number of already existing fuel packages and tariffs on offer.


Ofgem have actually noted EDFs proposition and in the next energy bill have aimed at making the energy market on a whole easier and simpler. This has been done by making sure that companies are reducing the number of tariffs they advertise to the consumers.

EDF still however back the single uni pricing saying that if customers can visually be aware of the costing of energy and electricity like they can with fuel then they can straight away see what price is best for them.

This proposition has further been backed by the Group ‘Which?’ who also agreed that if this simpler tariff method were to be introduced then it would be far more favourable for the customer, after finding through market research that 80% of customers can easily spot the most desirable price for them when they are presented in a simple manner.

Ofgem reinforced this by saying that consumers do want simplicity, but they do want choice too. This means that if the unit price system were to be taken on than duel fuel discounts etc which are popular now would not be able to be offered.

There have been many a disagreement about what is the best way forward, with British Gas dismissing the proposal completely, as well as the Co OP saying that the scheme would be neither here nor there as there would be both winners and losers.


Wheter or not Ofgem will implement the single unit pricing or not is yet to be decided, but decisions like these are going to be all the more important as energy prices continue to rise. Customers want to see what is available to them on the market, and they want to see it in a clear and concise manner allowing them to be able to pick the price best for them, thus to save them money.


To find out more about the packages and deals available from EDF energy please call the EDF Energy Helpline where all your queries can be answered.

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