EDF Energy News Update: Reports of Huge Carbon Footprint

EDF Energy Nuclear Power Hinckley Point

EDF Energy news update: With utility supply companies suffering increasing pressure to minimise their carbon emissions, EDF pumped out 21m tonnes of CO2.

In 2012, the utility supply company EDF Energy reportedly saw a 39% increase in their carbon dioxide emissions which have totalled 21 million tonnes compared to previous year. Despite being set targets in terms of the amount of carbon emissions that they produce each year, the company have burnt more coal and the amount of emissions reached 251.7tonnes/GWh. This is not heading in the right direction in terms of the target reduction of carbon emissions by 60% by 2020.

The companies have been set a benchmark of 813tonnes/GWh which was taken in 2006. This number must be improved on by 60% over the coming 14 years. In light of the poor form that EDF Energy have shown recently – they failed to reach their target of a 30% cut in the emissions from the company’s commercial buildings. It was by no short-fall either, they achieved just a 5% cut in these emissions.

The argument put forward by EDF Energy comes in the form of the excuse that the company has no better option for running their power stations. As and when coal is usurped as the most efficient fuel to burn to run the power stations, they will convert but until that point they see no benefit in changing their strategy. Other than the reduction in carbon emissions of course.

EDF Energy are currently in discussions with the Government regarding the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point in Somerset. The chief executive of EDF Energy, Vincent de Rivaz, referred to the seven year extensions awarded to the Hinckley Point B and Hunterston B power stations have allowed the locations to save approximately 130Mt of carbon dioxide already before they’ve even really had a chance to get going.

This promising saving which has been reached through the comparison of this period to what has been deemed the fossil fuel generation and is supplying most of the weight incorporated in the plea for the company to be allowed to build their proposed nuclear power station at Hinckley Point.

He also emphasised the point that EDF Energy had successfully supplied the energy for the Olympic Park and that energy was 100% low carbon. The Pod, EDF Energy’s sustainable schools programme managed to get to in excess of 93 million children around the UK which also reinforces the company’s campaign for this new power station.

To contact EDF and discuss the options at your disposal in relation to the services they offer for homes and businesses, click here.

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