eBay News Update: Schindler’s List for Sale

Schindler's List available on eBay

eBay News Update

eBay News Update: Oskar Schindler’s list of Jews is available for bidders to buy on the online auction website for a starting point of $3million.

Leading online auction website eBay, currently holds access to the sale of Schindler’s list of Jews he helped during the holocaust during the second World War. It is said to be one of the original copies and has a starting bidding price on eBay of $3 million. The artifact includes the one in four typed lists from 1945 which includes one hundred and eight male Jew names, as well as an interview with Oskar Schindler ten years prior to his death, where he explains his reasons for helping the Jews listed. The eBay seller claims the document is one hundred percent authentic and is adamant that they will receive more that $5million through bids.

The eBay seller, from Los Angeles, United States, decided to sell on the online auction space due to its vast and still growing consumer base, with millions of members located across the globe. eBay’s target market is also very broad, with the ability of anyone being able to create an account, meaning the website has members ranging from working class to multi-millionaires and celebrity users.

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Due to the large price tag, eBay is filtering potential buyers to guarantee a sale with a trusted and reliable member who has a spare $3million to spend. The highest eBay bidder will be required to pay a deposit of $10,000 within a short period of time after winning the online auction to increase the probability of the member going through with the sale. These sorts of precautions need to be carried out to eliminate any ‘fake’ bidders who are not actually committed or are unable to complete the sale.

This is one of the most expensive items put to bid on eBay and is expected to cause much commotion when bids start to be made within the online world. The American seller has announced that there is already at least four interested parties but doesn’t expect the true bids to be made until the last few hours before the closing date, which is Sunday 28th July 2013 at 6pm.

Due to the rarity of the item, the successful eBay buyer will need to collect the item personally from Israel, as the second World War artifact is too precious to be sent through the postal system. The highest bidder will also have the choice of what to do with the World War II piece of history; whether it be donated, sold on or kept for themselves.

For more information on eBay and what they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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