Easy Jet News Update: Jet Forced to Divert

Easy Jet News Update: Jet forced to divert to Stansted in security alert. The jet had one hundred and fifty passengers on board and was flying to Luton.

The Easy Jet flight had to be diverted to the Essex airport and when it landed the police were on the scene to board the flight. The flight had originated in Hamburg Germany and should have landed at Luton. The police later said that all the passengers were safe and well and that the flight was able now to continue on its journey to Luton. In the UK, Stansted is the airport that any aircraft reporting a security incident is diverted to.

Easy Jet later made a statement saying that the Airbus A319 aircraft, that also had six Easy Jet staff on board, had been diverted to Stansted as a precaution. They added that they wanted to thank the passengers on the flight for being patient during the incident and they also wanted to apologise for the delay to their travel caused by the incident. At the time of the incident they assured everyone that they would make sure that they were transferred to Luton as soon as was possible.

The police said that they had initially been alerted to a possible threat to security but that as soon as they were able to board the plane they were able to give the all clear for the place to continue its journey. None of the passengers on board had to disembark the aircraft.

Easy Jet News Update

One of the passengers on the plane told of how one of a team of youth footballers had his passport taken during the incident and that the boy himself was led away only to be allowed to return a short time later. The passenger who had been telling of his experience on Twitter said that it looked as though the boy who was led away, had the same name as an individual who was on the wanted list of suspected terrorists. He also said that they passengers were told nothing until the plane landed at which time they were told that they were at Stansted and not Luton and explained the unscheduled landing by saying there had been a threat to security.

The passenger also tweeted that the boy who had been led away was very upset by the incident and it looked as though it was simply a case of mistaken identity.

Easy Jet are available to be contacted using the information listed on the following link should you require assistance from the Easy Jet customer services team.

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