E.ON News Update: Fined For Selling Free Lightbulbs

E.ON Fined Over Free Lightbulbs

E.ON News Update

E.ON News Update: Energy supplier E.ON were fined for selling energy saving lightbulbs that should have been distributed free to consumers within Britain.

The six main energy suppliers within Britain were all given 3.4 million energy saving lightbulbs, that were part of a government initiative to preserve our energy uses and reduce carbon emissions. The idea was that these lightbulbs would be distributed for free, over five years, to the companies’ British customers.

However, E.ON have been found to have not properly distributed these lightbulbs, with a large proportion being sold within stores in the Northern of Ireland instead of distributed for free within British homes, in an attempt to help lower energy consumption; something that has become a major concern to political parties. The energy company were also not able to provide evidence for the light-bulb distribution.

This is a very big offense which is leading to very negative outcomes for E.ON, mostly in the term of large financial fines. In total, the german energy provider will be ordered to pay £3million, which includes a large proportion going towards E.ON’s consumers that are experiencing or at risk of fuel poverty, in order to help them with this years winter fuel bill. The remaining money will then be in the form of a fine that apparently would have been much higher, if E.ON had not cooperated as well as they did.

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Not only will this have an affected on E.ON financially, but their reputation of a trustworthy supplier will also have been damaged. There has been much media surrounding the company recently because of it and how E.ON are going to deal with the issue in terms of an apology or repairing the damage to the company name is something of much interest.

It is thought that the reason for the company’s mistake is due to not having an efficient management system in place to record accurate distribution of the low energy lightbulbs to British households. In order to make up for their error, E.ON put in place increased energy saving methods, so that they still met their required energy efficiency target set by the government for that year.

E.ON has apologised for their error and agreed that it is one that shouldn’t have occurred. They are assuring their customers that they have not been misled and the necessary changes are being put in place to ensure that this type of mistake will not be repeated.

For more information on E.ON and the products and services they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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