E.ON Recognised by Ofgem for Energy Efficiency

At the beginning of May Ofgem confirmed E.ON’s completion of all the aspects of the CERT and CESP efficiency obligations. Director of New Business for E.ON Don Leiper said of this accomplishment, ‘I’m extremely proud of our team who have worked hard to deliver against our obligations’.

As one of the UK’s leading gas and power companies, E.ON provides power and gas to more than 1.3 million homes and five million domestic, small and medium sized enterprises and industrial customers. In light of this they also provide support to more vulnerable families. Leiper said, ‘People need to understand that they too can be eligible for energy efficiency help, either through the Green Deal or through the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which will be available to thousands more people both in social, rented and privately-owned homes. In delivering these obligations our partnerships with local authorities, housing associations and community groups have proved that working together is the best way to meet future carbon reduction targets and improve Britain’s housing stock.’

The E.ON group employs 12000 people in the UK and 79000 worldwide and its size demands that they buy approximately 122.7 billion kWh of power and gas each year to meet their demands. Additionally, E.ON offer pioneering energy schemes and technologies tailored to each individual in order to meet customers’ needs.

Leiper admitted that ‘it is an unavoidable truth that the vast majority of homes in this country could be improved to use much less energy than they do today. Upgrading Britain’s housing stock to become more energy efficient is an enormous task and Government obligations demand that we share that responsibility as an industry.’

E.ON are striving to aid all of their customers to become progressively more energy efficient by encouraging them to insulate their homes, regulate their energy usage and even generate their own energy.

E.ON’s Reset Review is continually identifying, discussing and developing matters which have been brought to their attention by the 28000 strong YourSay panel, the 10000 strong MySay employee panel, through discussions with consumer advocacy groups such as Which and Consumer Focus, and the independent Customer Council. This council comprises: Allan Leighton, ex-MP and Select Committee chair Paddy Tipping, E.ON Customer Services Advisor Joanne Sheridan.

E.ON have significantly improved their customer service through this system with changes such as helping customers with bills; establishing fairer prices with simple products, transparent profits and a fairer way of paying; providing stability to help households budget. Additionally they’ve improved their customer service to make the service more consistent, easier to contact and helping to give the customers confidence in complaining.

In light of systems such as this E.ON have celebrated great success in many categories annually published by the independent reports and awards based on YouGov polls of over 5000 energy customers. E.ON have topped the group for overall customer satisfaction, best value for money, best reward scheme and they were voted Britain’s favourite energy supplier 2012.

E.ON’s portfolio includes world class gas-, coal- and oil-fired power stations, they are market leaders in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and they are one of the UK’s leading green generators with 23 wind farms, the UK’s first wave power generator and 1500 MW of renewable energy capacity under development.

For more information on E.ON, call the E.ON contact number or for additional customer services visit http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/

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