E Car News Update: BMW i3 arrives in N Ireland

Ireland Welcomes New BMW

E Car News Update: BMW i3 arrives in N Ireland. As well as offering on line simple and cost effective car insurance E Car also offer up to the minute news.

The insurance company reported that the BMW i3 had arrived in Northern Ireland. This long awaited debut of BMW’s arrival into the electric car market has been eagerly anticipated. This is due to the high expectations that surround any offering from the technology and design superiority of BMW.

E Car reported that the features that were making waves were the fast charge option that allows a charge up to 805 over the very short time span of twenty minutes. There is also an optional fuel powered range extender at 650cc that can extend the range of the car up to and even over one hundred miles.

One of the most interesting features however, E Car points out, is that of the BMW i Genius. This revolutionary feature allows owners of the cars access to a 24/7 questions platform so that any queries they might have can be swiftly and expertly answered. this information is available via a mobile platform meaning that the information that it supplies is available all the time and anywhere that the car owner happens to be with their mobile, tablet or iPod.

E Car News Update

These enhancements, E Car say, add to the technological and drivability of the vehicle and makes them a very attractive alternative to fossil fuel driven cars. The BMW i3 will be available to buy in Northern Ireland from November 2013 and the BMW i8 is scheduled to be on sale by 2014.

E Car are keen to offer the latest in motoring information to their customers and invite all those who insure through them to visit the site and keep up to date with the latest in motoring news , development and innovations in the British Isles.

There is bound to be quite a buzz around the launch of BMW’s first electric car and maybe the move will tempt many more of the traditional fuel based car manufacturers to venture into the electric car market. There is no doubt that the electric car may be the way of the future as fossil fuels become scarcer. It is likely to be a race to see who can advance this technology the fastest and with it deliver the expectations of today’s motorist.

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