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Dyson News Update

Dyson News Update: A new smaller and quieter vacuum cleaner than previous designs is launched, for those living in small spaces with a lack of storage.

Vacuum cleaner company Dyson have recently announced the launch of their new product. Named the DC49, this vacuum cleaner is apparently the smallest and lightest in design yet. It also claims to be the quietest Dyson have ever produced and is aimed at consumers living in small spaces, such as apartments and flats, that do not need or have the room and storage for a large vacuum cleaner.

Technology appreciators say that Dyson’s new product is well designed and technologically superior. The design is based around a ball concept and this allows consumers to reach even the most awkward places within their homes as well as being able to glide around corners and furniture with ease. This is all to create a simpler, quicker and more productive vacuuming experience for the consumer.

The DC49 is also the first vacuum cleaner to be powered by a motor formally found in Dyson hand dryers, but developers say this is the factor that enables the product to be so small. Although small in size, consumers will have to pay a large price tag of three hundred and fifty pounds for the new product. However, some may say that the price is worth it, due to the ability to fit the product into small spaces easily, something that in the UK today is very important, due to the United Kingdom having the smallest average house size in Europe.

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The company have carried out extensive research into the varying technology available as well as the market they will be entering and their target consumers. Multiple prototypes were made and a team of researchers were sent to Japan to experience living in small spaces and the technology used to overcome the lack of space. However, if this new product does what it claims, it could be the start of new technologies for miniature household items designed for small homes.

Recently, Dyson have experienced complaints over moving the company’s manufacturing to Malaysia from Wiltshire, where the company was first founded. However, the company have said that if consumers wish to experience a continued increase in the quality of technology and development of their products, then the investment into production of Dyson products abroad is essential.

For more information on Dyson and their product range their contact details are available here or you can visit their official Dyson website.

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