Diageo News Update: Sales Rise in the Americas

Daigeo Sales Up

Diageo News Update: Sales rise in the Americas. Diageo have seen a welcome boost in their sales in the Americas after sales declined in European countries.

Diageo are the biggest distiller of Scottish whisky and have recently reported seeing a very welcome rise in the sales of their product in the Americas. This has been a particularly welcome following slower sales that have been reported across European countries as a whole. The strongest area of growth in sales was in Latin America and in the Caribbean region where a three percent rise in the sales of Smirnoff Vodka and Johnnie Walker whisky were reported in figures to the end of September of this year.

A healthy rise in sales total of almost eleven percent was recorded across the Caribbean countries and in the countries of Latin America and figures for the North of America reflected a sales increase of just over five percent. During the same period however the company’s revenues in Western Europe fell by just over one percent.

In China a change in Government policy was thought to be responsible, in the main, for the a substantial fall in the company’s profits while over all sales in Asia had increased by only just over half a per cent.

Diageo News Update

The chief executive of Diageo, Ivan Menezes, said that overall he had been pleased with the company’s performance in the financial quarter given the weakness that had been observed in some of the key market places that Diageo sell into. He referred to the fact that in some of the emerging markets there were signs of growth although not in China where the impact of the Government policies were making continued growth more difficult. However overall he said that he was very pleased with the geographic diversity of the company’s sales efforts and the way in which sales were increasing in the newer markets. His speech also included a rallying call and the promise that Diageo were making their business stronger all the time and were on target to deliver their medium term forecasts on sales.

There is no doubt that this firm will continue to take the world by storm and to offer quality beverages to countries all around the globe. Where one trading window is shut a little it seems that there are always plenty of other trading opportunities where growth can be assured and where the company continue to supply their product for many years to come.

Use the Diageo contact number to speak with a member of the customer services team about their products.

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