Diageo News Update: Diageo World’s Best Bartender Award

Diageo Bartender of the Year

Diageo News Update: Diageo World’s Best Bartender Award is a four part TV series that spotlights the world of mixology giving the stage to bartenders.

The World’s Best Bartender will be launched with a four part TV series in which the world’s best mixologists will be competing for the prestigious title that will be awarded by Diageo. There were over ten thousand entries that were whittled down to a mere forty-three who were invited on board a luxury cruise liner. The liner then set sail on a glittering journey that started in Monaco continued on to St Tropez to Ibiza and for the finale of the competition to the La Monumental Bullring in Barcelona.

As the luxury liner cruised through the Mediterranean the lucky finalists were put through their paces with a series of challenges that were designed to test their skills and have them battling for the title of Diageo Reserve World Call Bartender of the Year 2013.

The bartenders were tested on all aspects of their craft from their knowledge of spirits and the best pairings of alcohol and various foods. There were also speed challenges to overcome and signature serves to be displayed. The four part series featured the ups and down of the competition and the exciting elimination of the contestants one by one until the ultimate Diageo winner was revealed.

The series was produced by Shine North and distributed through Precious Media in showings that started in November and will, be seen all across Europe as well as in Australia, South and North America and in India. The competition that is in its 6th year showcases the talents of up and coming bartenders from across the world highlighting fine drinking and cocktail making from across the globe.

Diageo News Update

The World Class Bartender of the Year competition that Diageo runs has been heralded as an amazing competition and a credible one that has fans all over the globe. The skills of the bartenders who are vying for the ultimate accolade of being crowned the Diageo Best Bartender of the Year show true skill and innovation that would make any of them an asset to any of the finest bars in the world. The International Line up this year has been one of the best yet and has clearly highlighted the talent that there is in the work that is being done in bars in many different countries.

Any further information that you may wish to learn about Diageo can be found using the contact information listed on the following website: http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/diageo-phone-number/.

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