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Diageo are a premium drinks supplier who export beverages all around the world. For more details of their range call Diageo contact number 0844 335 6608.

Diageo do more than just supply drinks to their many customers around the world. They also carry out research that helps them to tailor their products to what their customer needs and wants. Their latest research has shown that a change of environment can change the way that drinkers enjoy their whiskeys and that the difference can represent up to a 20% enhancement of the enjoyment of the drink. The findings of the study are interesting and could well lead to a different way of enjoying drinks at home. Even more exciting is the possibility that it affords for the future and the opportunity for pubs and other drinking places to tailor their environments towards enhancing the drinking experience of their customers. For more details of the study call Diageo contact number 0844 335 6608.

The study was conducted by Oxford University where multi sensory tests were being conducted at a bar in London that had been especially designed for the purpose of the study. The study in the bar was followed up by in-lab testing. The results showed up significant variations in the ratings of taste and scent as well as the flavour of the whisky when it was drunk in the different atmospheres. From these findings the study concluded that the atmosphere and environment where a drink was imbibed could make a significant difference to how it was enjoyed. Such things as a change in lighting can achieve the kind of influences that can make the taste of a drink seem more pleasurable as can adding certain scents to the atmosphere or playing specific background music. For more details call Diageo contact number 0844 335 6608.

Some of the environments that were created included a room laid with turf and featuring the noises of nature and another that featured red fruit and chiming bells as well as room with a wood theme such as wood panels and the sounds and smells of crackling burning wood. The findings in each of the scenarios was different proving that it was possible to change the drinking experience with altered multi sensory environments.

Diageo Contact Number 0844 335 6608

Diageo are committed to the industry that they are in and in finding out all they can about enhancing the enjoyment of the products they sell. For more information call Diageo contact number0844 335 6608.

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