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DHL News Update: DHL workers walk out it has been revealed, as the firm’s workers who deliver parts to Jaguar Land Rover take action over pay rates.
The walk out by DHL workers has affected four sites in the West Midlands and a further two sites at Halewood in Merseyside, logistics firm DHL have reported. The car manufacturing plants have urged DHL to find a resolution the dispute as soon as possible. The action that has been taken involves members of the Unite union walking out for the first half an hour of their shift. Following the walk out, overtime for the day was banned.
A spokesman for the Unite union members said that they had taken the decision to walk out because they were in dispute with DHL. They said the action was about pay rates and the terms and conditions of their contracts and that the move was also aimed at trying to establish comparable rates of pays to some of the rates offered on site to JLR workers. Responding to this, DHL have commented that their warehouse operatives and drivers working on the car manufacturing sites already enjoyed good rates of pay as well as good shift allowances.
The West Midlands sites that have been affected by the DHL workers action are, as well as the JLR plants in Solihull and another in Castle Bromwich, the NAC Tyre Fort warehouse used for storage near the Castle Bromwich JLR site and the distribution centre at Hams Hall, Unite have reported. Work at the plant at Halewood was also disturbed along with another of NAC’s sites in the vicinity, the union added.
Tim Parker speaking for Unite said that over the previous month there had been three initiatives to negotiate but that DHL had not compromised sufficiently over the claims to see and end to the action by the union’s members. He added that another round of negotiations over pay was due to take place soon and that he believed that this new meeting would be pivotal in settling the dispute and seeing work return to normal at the sites affected.

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A DHL spokesperson said that for their part DHL felt disappointed that the Unite members’ who worked for them had gone ahead with the action as they felt that the offer they had made was a generous one. The spokesperson added that for the year 2014 an offer of a minimum 3% increase or RPI had been made which would have seen staff working for DHL becoming the highest paid in the logistics industry.

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