DHL News Update: Company Recruits 100 Local Businesses

DHL Recruitment

DHL News Update: Company recruits 100 local businesses. The Bristol and Bath consolidation scheme is boosted by more sign ups leading to reduced congestion.

The new scheme, as well as reducing congestion on the city’s roads will also enhance the flow of stock and reduce the number of deliveries that are necessary as well as making a positive impact on pollution. The delivery centre from which the deliveries will emanate is the only one of its kind in the country that has been specifically designed to serve two major cities. It has been strategically sited at Avonmouth, next to the M5/M4 motorways to make transportation fast and efficient.

This new approach and the new distribution depot has led to a reduction in deliveries by some eighty percent. It has also helped on an environmental level with a reduction in CO2 emissions of one hundred and thirty tonnes. This has been achieved through the use of two electric emission trucks. Another advantage to the new transportation is the reduction in carbon emissions and in the noise generated by vehicles.

DHL News Update

This solution to the environmental impact of deliveries has been particularly welcome in Bath, a world heritage site and a place is always looking for ways to lessen the impact of modern life on an ancient city. Traffic is a problem and the fact that consolidated deliveries will result in such a significant eighty percent reduction in delivery vehicles on the streets is very welcome.

It was Bristol City Council that initially commissioned the consolidation centre in the spring of 2004, and it was the first of its kind. The aim was to reduce congestion and pollution in the centre of the city as well as curbing carbon emissions. The depot has cut the number of vehicles travelling to the centre of the city to make deliveries and the streamlining has also resulted in a better and more reliable delivery service to the retailers of the city.

A spokesperson from Lush cosmetics said that they had, as an organisation who were very much environmentally aware, welcomed the idea that the new consolidated delivery by DHL would be kinder to the environment and make less of a negative impact in terms of pollution and carbon emissions. The spokesman also said that a very welcome effect of the new consolidation was the fact that deliveries were always on time and that new reliability was very welcome.

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