Debenhams News Update: Debenhams Introduce Plus Size Mannequins

Debenhams introduce size 16 mannequins

Debenhams news update: The store becomes the first high street retailer to introduce what is considered plus-size, size 16, mannequins as a standard model.

The move comes as Debenhams try to ensure that they better represent women’s shapes as they really are. The new larger sized dummies will take their place in the store beside the traditional size 10 dummies. The new sized dummies will reflect more accurately the average size of woman in the UK that has risen to a size 16 in the last ten years. Most of the retailers on the high street including Topshop and Miss Selfridge are still using size 10 dummies. Size 12 is the dummy of choice for Wallis and Dorothy Perkins.

Debenhams trialled the larger dummies back in 2010 and have now decided that they will produce the size 16 models countrywide in Debenhams stores. The director of Debenhams, Ed Watson said that the store had gone ahead with the production of the size 16 mannequins for the store. He said that it was important that Debenhams reflected in their mannequins what real women looked like. The mannequins have been unveiled in the Oxford Street flagship store and will now be appearing at Debenhams stores all over the country.

Debenhams News Update

Debenhams have been something of a trendsetter in getting the more realistic mannequin, having promised that they would stop showing models who had been ‘airbrushed’ in their advertising shots. They have also come out and said that their rivals should consider it a moral obligation to make airbrushing a thing of the past.

Shoppers have been very well aware that for years the size of mannequins and the body perfect images of models in magazines were not realistic in reflecting the real size of the average British woman. There have also been issues around the fact that young girls are growing up striving to the unattainable and running the risk of developing anorexia as they try to emulate the figures they see which are very likely to be airbrushed and not reflect even the true super slim figures of fashion models.

The stand that Debenhams are making will be welcomed by the many pressure groups that campaign for a more realistic showing of the female form in advertising and in the high street models that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. It will be interesting to see which of the other high street fashion retailers follows suit.

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