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Debenhams News Update: New Lingerie Campaign Launched. Debenhams roll out new lingerie photographs that have not been digitally retouched for aesthetics.
The move by the giant retailer comes after evidence has emerged that more and more young girls are suffering with body image issues because of the photographs that show ‘perfect’ bodies, that they see on models who display clothing and lingerie. This is seen to be particularly significant with regard to super models and celebrities where photographs are routinely air brushed to give a more polished and trimmed down finish.
The move comes following research that was carried out by the Schools Health Education Unit in the summer of 2012 which revealed that around sixty per cent of girl students who were aged between fourteen and fifteen wished that they could lose what they saw as excess weight and it also found that of these about 25% of the girls admitted to skipping breakfast to try and stave off the pounds. Debenhams have commented that their designers would no longer use techniques such as slimming down of arms and legs, adding whiteness to the eyes and teeth of photographed models and would no longer digitally enhance cleavage. Sharon Webb, who is the head buyer for lingerie as well as design stated that Debenhams would make it their mission to help all those who bought from them feel confident about their body shape and would no longer display unachievable figures by airbrushing models’ photographs. Sharon Webb also said that this was seen as the best move because apart from being positive in terms of the welfare for those people affected by the images, it also would deliver financial rewards as there would be no further need to airbrush pictures which were realistic and representative of real women.
Debenhams’ had previously put a ban on airbrushing with its swim wear advertisements but a spokesman said that now the new policy would encompass any photographs that might previously have been retouched to show a more slimmed down image. Debenhams was also a front-runner in the use of more life like curvier mannequins within its stores.

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Retail giants Marks & Spencer have also got behind the message of natural is best and have opted to use ‘normal women’ in its ads rather than Mylene Klass and Twiggy who featured in many of the store’s previous TV campaigns. The new stance that Debenhams have taken to try and ensure that the right message is sent to young girls about body shape is sure to be a welcome one.

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