Customer Service Tips

Customer Services Tips

How to spot the warning signs of customer experience failure

Once you have established your business and created a company that works it can be hard to go back and reassess your procedures. That old saying: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, can become a mantra, ending in firms failing to notice when their methods become out-dated and simply do not offer the correct service any more.

It is vital that all firms continually assess their practices to ensure they meet the needs of customers in today’s market. And when it comes to customer service this is no exception.

Customer experience strategy

Do you even have a targeted customer experience strategy? Perhaps you had one when you started out that involved a phone line and an email address. But if this has not evolved alongside developments in technology it may no longer be relevant.

The bottom line is that you must take care of your customers as people, not just faceless humans who happen to buy your products. Re-evaluate your strategy to make sure that you are communicating effectively via the channels that your customers expect. This means being active on social networking sites, creating comprehensive help and support

sections on your website, and responding in a timely manner.

Your people

Integral to updating your customer experience strategy is having the right people running it.

Evaluate the way you select your customer service employees and look at their ‘will’, as well as their ‘skill’. Update your interview procedure to ensure you select the people who are natural communicators and have the ability to talk with all sorts of customers about all sorts of problems.

On from this is training. All staff will need proper training if they are to understand what they are doing in their role but, more importantly, why. For those responsible for giving quick responses on social media platforms it is vital that they know the company line and are aware of any issues or problems.

Customer feedback

Not collecting and monitoring customer feedback can be a big mistake. This is the most straightforward way to see how your customer experience strategy is holding up. Analysing the data will highlight any problems so they can be dealt with.

This does not always have to mean website surveys. On your social media pages it can be as simple as recording the number of likes or shares a particular message receives. You could also monitor how follower numbers improve after advertising or marketing campaigns.

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