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Dial the extended opening hours line for Currys customer services on 0844 887 1157. Know How is also for PC World and Dixon’s so call today for inquiries.
Currys customer services department and all other areas of the franchise have teamed up with both PC World and Dixon’s electrics. The merger is now renamed from the conventional Currys customer services to the newly named ‘Know How’ for queries across all products. The Currys customer services now have extended opening hours and can answer questions with regard to a product you have just bought, the store in which you bought it from, the warranty it has and everything in-between. To call Currys customer services, dial direct from a BT land line for only 5 pence per minute (plus network extras) to 0844 887 1157 which has extended hours for contacting. The Currys customer services lines are open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm Saturday and then 9am-6pm Sunday so there are not many hours of the day when they are not contactable.

Currys customer help centre line

Visit their official website at

We provide this number for Currys customer services as a directory enquiry company. Our low cost 0844 numbers are generally the same price as the official ones the company provide. These however, more often than not, are hard to find as the pages either do not rank too high in a search or only discoverable through careful searching on the website. Most companies like the Currys customer services department do not advertise these as it requires them to hire more staff to deal with queries. Their online help centres do not respond as quickly and therefore requires less staff. The online Currys customer services department do have advantages however when it comes to frequently asked questions where common occurring problems have already been answered.

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About Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Retail:

Dixons retail was one of the largest consumer retail companies in Europe. Starting life as a simple photographic processing store, Dixons grew steadily to become the giant it became. In the UK alone, it operated Currys, Currys Digital, PC World, Dixons Travel and the technology based customer service company Knowhow.

Today, examples of Dixons Retail stores can be seen in almost every town and city across the UK and in many Nordic countries and the Czech Republic, but they are no longer in the hands of the Dixons group. Since august 2014 they have been part of the Carphone Warehouse group, who completed a deal for Dixons Retails holdings (which included over 530 UK and Ireland stores and 332 in northern Europe) for £3.7 billion. Together, this merged company is now known as Dixons Carphone and operates Carphone Warehouse, Phone House, Currys, Currys Digital, PC World, Knowhow, Dixons Travel, Elgiganten, Elkjop, Gigantti, Lefdal and Kotsovolos.

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