Costa News Update: Some drinks Loaded With Sugar

Costa Starbucks Sugar

Costa News Update: Some drinks loaded with sugar. Some of the chilled drinks that are sold by Costa and Starbucks contain up to twenty teaspoons of sugar.

The drinks concerned were on the menu this summer and are made from a mixture of cream and milk as well as a flavoured syrup. Health monitors have said that they are little more than toxic sugar bombs. An investigation by the Daily Mirror into what exactly went in to the drinks showed that the medium Toffee Creamy Cooler that Costa sell contains no less that eighty one and a half teaspoons of sugar in a cup that holds four hundred and fifty millilitres of the drink. But the drink does not stop with a sugar rush to top all sugar rushes, it also delivers the entire recommended daily allowance of fat for a woman.

But Costa are not alone in the high sugar stakes as a large Starbucks Venti strawberries and cream Frappuccino has a whopping seventy six grams of sugar in each of the five hundred an ninety millilitre cups and that is more than eighteen teaspoons full of sugar. Put another way to eat the same amount of sugar in digestive biscuits you would need to eat thirty-one of them!

Costa News Update

Those campaigning against obesity have called on the government to do something to set limits on how much sugar and calories can be dispensed in the food that we eat and in the drinks that we enjoy. The spokesman for the anti obesity campaign said that it was really staggering to read the nutritional information on the drinks being offered. He went on to say that drinking one of these sugar-laden drinks along with eating a brownie or other cake at the same time could potentially be quite toxic.

Costa responded by saying that they take nutritional information very seriously and that they aim to make customers aware of how many calories and other values are contained within the food and drink that they supply. The spokesperson added that the customer could opt to have the drink with sugar free syrup or ask for it to be served without a topping of cream. The fact remains, however, that the sugar that is in one of these drinks is no less than ninety one percent of the recommended daily in take of sugar for a woman and seventy percent for a man.

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