Contact Number For Costa

Costa Contact Number

Contact Number For Costa

Costa is one of the best-known coffee shops on British high streets. It was part of the coffee shop revolution. Call on Costa contact number 0844 335 6302.

Costa is a familiar sight on the high streets of our towns and cities and is probably the biggest of the coffee shop chains in the UK. They offer coffee in many different shapes and forms and as well as sandwiches and other snacks for the busy person on the go. It is a common sight to see people holding business meetings in Costa or sitting with their laptops enjoying a coffee while they work.
And apart from serving us up coffees and other drinks and snacks Costa have made a commitment to ensure that the coffee growers that supply their coffee are well looked after. The Company has set up The Costa Foundation, that is a registered charity, to make sure that all their suppliers get a fair deal out of their association with Costa. The aim of the Costa Foundation is to alleviate poverty, offer proper schooling to local children and to prioritise community well-being and health. They also aim to offer a positive environment for all the coffee-growing communities that they deal with globally. Call on Costa contact number 0844 335 6302 for more details.
The work of the Foundation is an extension of the continuous support that Costa has offered over decades through another registered charity The Charities Trust. Money from that charitable fund has also contributed to better economic and social conditions for the communities that have coffee growing at their heart. These communities are in countries around the globe such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Uganda. The charitable work that has been done by Costa includes building 22 schools that have made an enormous difference to the welfare and to the prospects of thousands of children who live in coffee producing areas. Call on Costa contact number 0844 335 6302 to find out more about the education programmes they operate.

Costa Contact Number 0844 335 6302

There is no doubt that many of us have, at one time or another, met up with friends or just enjoyed a coffee and a sit down in one of the Costa outlets. It is very nice to know that a company that we patronise does help and support the communities that it trades with. Apart from offering many and varied coffees from the very strong to the wonderfully aromatic, Costa is a welcome sight on any high street. Call on Costa contact number 0844 335 6302 for details of your local coffee shop.

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