Costa Coffee News Update: New Costa Causes a Stir

Indian Restaurant Site Set For New Costa

Costa Coffee news update: New Costa causes a stir. The local Cookham press reports that the coffee-chain will open at the site of Shaahs Indian Restaurant.

Costa have said that the new coffee outlet will bring eight to ten new jobs to the local area and that as it always does it will be getting involved in local and community events as well as fundraising. They said that they hope the new coffee shop will offer another option to local people as a place to meet.

But not everyone has welcomed the arrival of Costa. One of the local tea shop owners said that she was disappointed to see a chain come to the town and said that as they were a tea shop it was not the best news for them to see a multi national chain setting up in competition. She said that she felt that the big coffee chain was out of place in a small village like Cookham saying that she felt that a place like Cookham should really be a place for only independent businesses.

Another café owner said that it was too soon to see if there would be an impact on local businesses. He said that he felt that local traders would have to concentrate on giving their customers great value for money and that in general he thought that competition was good.

Costa Coffee News Update

On the town’s forum there has also been divided opinion about Costa moving into the shop that has been vacant for several months. One group of people that will no doubt be pleased with the opening of the Costa will be early morning commuters providing that the coffee shop opens at six thirty in the morning as the Costa in the neighbouring town of Bourne End currently does.

One of the local businesses The Crown on the Moor had been serving Costa coffee to its customers in the past, however the partnership between the pub and the coffee maker only lasted for about 12 months before the pub decided that it wanted to opt out of the agreement.

Costa Coffee is currently the largest coffee chain in the UK and ranks second, globally after rival coffee shop Starbucks. It remains to be seen whether Costa Coffee will find a loyal customer base in Cookham. There has been a small but growing objection to chains arriving in strongholds of independent businesses.

Use the Costa Coffee phone number to contact a member of the customer services department and discuss their new features.

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