Cooperative Food News Update: Celebrating Scottish Holidays

The Co-op Scottish Holidays Celebrations

Cooperative Food News Update: Celebrating Scottish holidays. The St Andrew’s day holiday has inspired Cooperative Food to suggest we eat a Scottish feast.

Cooperative Food say that St Andrew is in fact very unlikely to have ever trodden on Scottish soil. In fact the day to honour the Saint comes at the beginning of the Winter Festival that lasts from St Andrew’s Day to the other end of the festival that is marked by Burn’s Day.

Although St Andrew was not from Scotland he is also the patron Saint of other lands one of which is Romania and others include Barbados, Russia and Greece.

Some of the recipes that are suggested by Cooperative Food include Cullen skink or a lovely soup with leeks and potatoes that is rich and creamy and includes smoked haddock and potatoes. As a main course roast lamb would be favourite served with potatoes and onions. As well as that, having an Arbroath Smokie as well will set the tone for the celebrations. The legendary fish dish is usually smoked over a beech and oak chip fire inside a whisky barrel and is best eaten straight from the smoker while it is still warm.

Cooperative Food News Update

Cooperative Food also have recommendations for the toast that is to be made most customarily with a shot of whiskey and a little bit of water. They warn that toasts can go on for longer than might be expected but that at just twelve pounds for a bottle of Bells or Famous Grouse you need not be concerned. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous then Cooperative Food can offer an award winning Highland single Malt for the all-important toast.

There is no doubt that whatever the occasion is Cooperative Food will be able to supply plenty of inspiration and just the right tipple to make the celebration go with a bang. They have all the festive food that you could imagine wanting for Christmas and all that the Scotsman whether he is at home, or living away from Scotland will need to make sure that those important Scottish anniversaries do not pass unnoticed.

With continuous attention to customer feedback and innovation in the lines that they offer Cooperative Food are determined to be the place that we all go to for the special Christmas treats that we will all be looking forward to this Christmas. And they obviously have the local National holidays covered very well too.

Use the Cooperative Food customer service number to speak with a member of their team about all the products they sell.

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