Compass News Update: Compass Wins Health and Nutrition Award

Award Health and Nutrition

Compass News Update: Compass wins Health and Nutrition Award. The Catey award was given for the excellent Know Your Food initiative that the company runs.

The 2013 award went to Compass for the forward thinking initiative that was judged to have been the best food programme. The food initiative that puts health and wellbeing at the heart of everything that the company does, was given at the awards thirtieth anniversary earlier this year.

The Know Your Food Initiative is just one of the ideas that Compass has developed in an effort to get their customers to consider a healthy life style that becomes a part of their daily lives. The company have invested over one million pounds into developing healthier menus and rolling out the labeling of the daily guideline details. They have also initiated education of over six thousand of their staff around life style choices. They have led the way in food production using reduced amounts of both salt and saturated fat. The platform of Know Your Food provides a jumping off point for the company to educate and inform its customers of the values of the food including the calorific value of it. The emphasis that the company put on the health and well being of the employees as well as their visitors and guests is always paramount.

Compass News Update

All of these initiatives and the organisation’s commitment to health and wellbeing are encapsulated within Compass’ Know Your Food programme. In line with Compass’ Responsibility Deal’ pledges to Government, Know Your Food is a platform to inform its customers about healthy living and sustainable sourcing. It delivers core initiatives to clients and stakeholders. This programme has been extremely well received by both customers and clients; customers love the eye-catching and informative Know Your Food boards displayed across Compass sites, and client’s value working with a partner focused on the health and wellbeing of their employees, visitors and guests.

A spokesman for Compass said that the company was delighted to have won the award that they felt was a fitting recognition to the effort that they had put into their programme to make people more aware of the food that they eat and what was the best food for them to incorporate into their diets. The Catey award is given by the caterer and Hotelkeepers each year and was attended this year by over one thousand decision makers from various branches of catering.

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