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Compass News Update: Compass and RVS team up. It has been reported that Compass will work with the Royal Voluntary Service to deliver meals in West Sussex.

West Sussex council have awarded food giants Compass the contract to supply food for the Meals on Wheels Service in the County. Around three hundred and fifty thousand meals will be delivered to various individuals and a further twelve thousand five hundred meals will be delivered to day centres as well. The meals that will be supplied are from Compass’s Steamplicity range that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Using this cooking method, fresh food is cooked using steam and in a quick cooking process retains all the goodness and nutrients within it.

The range that Compass offers has over thirty dishes to choose from with the old favourites like a traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips or a tasty cottage pie, as well as pies with mushroom and chicken and lasagne. There will also be meals for special diets available and along with the council and the Royal Voluntary Service, Compass will review the menus on offer each year. This exercise will be undertaken with customer feedback very much as a focus.

In an improvement on what is currently on offer, customers of the meals on wheels service will be able to decide the day before on what they want and also whether they would like it delivered to them hot or chilled. A specially designed delivery vehicle makes heating meals on the way to customers’ possible so that when meals arrive they are piping hot. If the meal is ordered chilled then heating it is simple and can be done in just a few minutes in the customer’s microwave.

This exciting new partnership approach to Meals on Wheels between the Royal Voluntary Service and Compass is initially being trialled in the Brighton & Hove areas and so far has been met with great enthusiasm and a lot of very positive feedback. This initial partnership with services in West Sussex is the first step in what in Compass hopes will represent very many more opportunities to enrich the experience of those who have Meals on Wheels all over the UK.

Compass News Update

There is no doubt that Compass will be working hard to ensure that the initial success of the scheme that they offer in conjunction with the RVS goes on to find a much wider audience.

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