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Citibank News Update: Citi Volunteers mark community day. Sixty five thousand Citi Volunteers turned out for the company’s annual worldwide community day.
This summer in New York employees of Citibank along with their families and ex employees turned out in support of Citibank’s annual Global Community Day that is aimed at improving communities in cities worldwide. Over all the countries that the company have operations in, 65,000 volunteers from 95 different nations supported the effort. Volunteering is far from an alien concept to those who work for Citibank and forms an integral part of working for the financial giant. Dedicating time and expertise to the local community including efforts to improve literacy and education in general as well as undertaking housing projects environmental projects and services for health and disaster relief are all part of the philanthropic activities of Citibank workers.
In 2012 the Global Community Day was held on June 16, 2012, and formed the foundation of Citibank’s 200th anniversary celebration that lasted for the entire year. This resulted in an amazing validation of the commitment that Citibank are making to service. Carrying on with this initial boost and demonstration of commitment, the Citi volunteers are, in 2013, giving up their time to the tune of more than 324,000 hours of service over more than 472 cities. As a part of the celebrations along with many other efforts, Citi volunteers will be serving over fourteen thousand meals to those who are hungry or have no place to live and will be helping to construct two hundred and forty homes. Volunteers will also revive and revitalise over two hundred public parks and beaches and other public places and green spaces.
Citi CEO Michael Corbat commented that since the first Global Community Day that was held in 2006, the initiative that was originally a company effort locally has become a firm tradition within Citibank. He recalled that 2012’s Global Community Day had seen the biggest participation so far in the history of the day and kept up the momentum that has energised this year’s efforts as Citibank employees worked side by side with organisations locally to improve the communities in which they all live and work. As well as getting their hands dirty with all manner of projects employees will be communicating with the world via Twitter to keep everyone updated on their efforts at #CitiVolunteers.

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With community efforts being undertaken worldwide in the Asia Pacific in Latin America, Africa and The Middle East, Europe, as well as North America, Citibank volunteers will take the lead with many hundreds of projects within their local communities.

For more information on this company, call the Citibank contact number.

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