Centrica News Update: Energy Up 9.2 Per Cent

Centrica Energy

Centrica News Update: Energy Up 9.2 per cent. As fury ignites over the price of energy, Centrica raises prices to more than 3 times the rate of inflation.

A political row has broken out about the cost of living and the rise of energy costs that will put many families under pressure this winter. During the opposition labour Government’s campaign for the 2015 election last month the leader of the party Ed Milliband pledged that if labour were to gain control then he would put a freeze on energy rises for a period of twenty months.

The cost of energy has already risen by twenty four per cent over a period of just four years according the findings of the industry regulator Ofgem and that has put a lot more pressure on households that are already suffering from salary stagnation. As the largest supplier of gas in Britain and one of the big six energy suppliers Centrica’s increase in energy costs will see an average of one hundred and seven pounds added to the bill of their customers who buy both their gas and electricity from Centrica.

Centrica News Update

The price rise will be coming into effect towards the end of November. Rival energy supplier SSE announced a rise in their cost for energy last week at a full per cent lower than that being charged by Centrica. Politicians and consumer groups have been very quick to criticise the move. It is now very likely that other energy companies will also raise their prices.

The energy companies blame the rising cost of operation for the increase in prices and are quick to defend the move by saying that it is not a conspiracy but is what they have to do to cope with the rising price of supplying energy.

In response to the price rises that consumers are facing the Government has urged those affected to look for deals elsewhere and switch energy supplier to get a better deal. It is thought that smaller suppliers may take the opportunity to increase their market share by offering favourable deals to customers. The Energy Secretary Ed Davey said that if customers went to lower cost suppliers it may force the big six to look at their pricing and offer better deals to their customers.

With winter ahead there have been fears that pressure on the energy capacity of the country as a whole could lead to blackouts.

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