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Centrica News Update: Centrica salutes Pioneering Engineer. Centrica Energy has paid tribute to the engineer who first discovered gas in Morecombe Bay.
Following the announcement of the death of retired Chief Petro physicist John Bains, Centrica have paid tribute to his distinguished career in which he was responsible for discovering one of the largest gas fields in the UK.
It was in Morecombe that Bains first discovered gas reserves in 1972. Initially however, his discovery was dismissed by the company drilling the area as they were seeking oil rather than gas. When British Gas obtained the drilling rights for the region however, John Bain’s persistence paid off and exploration began in 1974. It was from this field eleven years later that gas production started from what was discovered to be one of the biggest gas field in the UK. The energy produced, at its peak, met twelve per cent of the UK’s gas requirements.
Operations still continue today in Morecambe Bay, and are pivotal to the exploration and production activity of Centrica Energy. The gas produced from the enormous gas field is judged to represent about eight per cent of the UK Continental Shelf gas supply with production, every day, of 500m cubic feet of gas.
The future of the East Irish Sea operations for Centrica was stretched further following the first new supply of gas form the Rhyl gas field – the first new gas in a decade to come on stream from the Rhyl gas field. Three decades after engineer John Bain’s original discovery of the biggest gas field in the UK his impact on gas exploration and production in the UK was acknowledged as Centrica named its Bains gas field after the pioneer.
Centrica’s managing director Mark Hanafin said that the company wanted to acknowledge John Bains and to recognise his contribution to exploration for gas and its production in the UK. He added that the resolve and skill of the engineer had been responsible for the discovery of one of the most significant gas fields in the UK and had supplied heating to millions of British homes ever since. Hanafin said that John Bains had been highly respected and revered at Centrica Energy and regarded as the father of the development at Morecombe Bay.

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Another expert in the industry, Graham Dean, added that without the work that John Bains and others like him did in gas exploration the industry would not be the same and the UK would be the poorer if John Bains had not been so tenacious.

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