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Dial the eBay customer services number direct on 0844 324 0499 for payments, issues with transactions, billing options and other general enquiries.

eBay is one of the largest trading sites both in the UK and globally. Products as small as paper clips are traded right the way through to cars and houses. The popular timed auctions are a great way to pick up a potential deal for people UK wide if you are savvy enough. The eBay customer services department is for both buyers and sellers online. Most of the time, the process is seamless and both parties are happy with the sale.

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BHS is one of the best-known presences on the high street of towns all over the United Kingdom. You can call them on the BHS contact number 0844 335 1905.

By calling the Next contact number customers will be able to speak with a member of the customer service team about all the products and services offered.

Based on sales, last year Next was names as the biggest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom, taking over from Mark and Spencers in early 2012. Selling on trend clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, the brand also has a very successful line of homeware, including furniture and soft furnishings. As a high street retailer, Next strives to bring the best quality products at affordable prices. For more information on the range of products available, please don’t hesitate to call their customer services team on the Next contact number.

Maplin are a large organisation that sell electronic and other goods. To find out where your nearest store is call Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Maplin are at the cutting edge of technology and offer a wide range of electronic goods to their customers at stores the length and breadth of the UK. The range of goods that are available at the store include in-car entertainment and satnav items as well as everything that you might need for computing and hard drive and memory devices. To find out more about their products call the Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Everyone is familiar with Marks and Spencer on the high street. To find the address of a store near you call Marks and Spencer contact number 0844 561 5305.

At one time there would barely have been a home in which there was not at least one piece of Marks and Spencer clothing. In recent years, however, the high street giant has lost some of its appeal and despite numerous attempts to jazz up the range and to restore it to its previous popularity the sales of its clothing have not really recovered. For more details call Marks and Spencer contact number 0844 561 5305.

Littlewoods began life as a shopping catalogue that used to process their orders by post. For more details call Littlewoods contact number 0844 561 1858.

Lidl are grocers that are very popular for the affordable prices of the goods it stocks. For a store near you call Lidl contact number 0844 561 1672 0844 561 1672.
Lidl have been winning awards for the service and the choice that it offers to customers who are working to a tight budget. They are very mindful of the responsibility that they have towards those who have placed their trust in the company and the products that it sells. Lidl are committed to the key principles that encompass simplicity and a focus on what the customer wants. But as well as this they are very focused on using resources responsibly and in developing relations with their customers that are based on respect for their opinions and the way in which they want to shop. They believe that the focus that they put on these points is the reason that they enjoy such success as a business. The company also have a very strict code of conduct designed to ensure that all corporate and management policies are equitable and meet the needs of the customer first and foremost. For more information call Lidl contact number 0844 561 1672.
Lidl are very well aware of their duties to the wider society in which they operate and take their environmental responsibilities very seriously. They are focused on seeking to improve all areas of the business to include any environmental impact of their operation as well as climate protection measures and a close control of their product range. They are also committed to community action through employment. The Lidl motto is ‘On the Way to a Better Tomorrow’ and they strive to ensure that all their staff and customers enjoy complete transparency of information on all the responsibilities that Lidl have. For more on their policies call Lidl contact number 0844 561 1672.

Laura Ashley is an iconic brand that has been on the streets of Britain for many years. For a store near you call Laura Ashley contact number 0844 561 1449.

Homebase are one of the UK’s biggest DIY stores offering a wide range of goods for sale. To find a shop near you call Homebase contact number 0844 561 1043.

Harrods is a very high-end department store in the Knightsbridge area of London. For directions and opening hours call Harrods contact number 0844 561 0914.

B&Q are the first stop for many that are considering a home improvement project or decorating. Call B&Q phone number 0844 335 1621 for your nearest store.

Boots have been a familiar sight on the high streets of Britain for many years. To call the Boots contact number dial 0844 335 2040.

B and Q are a very well known name in DIY Nationwide in the UK. For local stores, offers, or to find out how B and Q can help call B and Q contact number 0844 335 1621.

A very popular sight on the High Street, Argos offers us a unique shopping experience. To find out more call them on the Argos contact number 0844 335 1528.

Call the Staples contact number whenever you need to speak with their customer services department about an order you placed or in-store service you received.

Staples are one of the biggest stationery chains in the UK and offer a huge range of products and services from small personal projects to the larger business projects. This means that you may need to call the Staples contact number on 0844 800 3847 to discuss the progress of your order or to enquire about whether the company can meet your requirements.

The Waterstones contact number listed on this website will connect you straight through to the customer services department who will provide assistance.

There are many reasons that you may need to contact the customer services department at Waterstones and the contact number supplied here will connect you directly through. Being one of the biggest booksellers in the UK and distributing their products both through stores and their website, they have a large customer demographic. This means the customer services department experiences a high level of traffic and Waterstones are forced to employ more people to populate the phone lines, this drives up their costs and in turn the products they sell.

If you ever need to get in touch with the Waitrose customer service department then use the Waitrose contact number listed here – dial 0844 800 5487 now.

Call our ASOS contact number today on 0844 887 1185. Here you can talk to a member of the customer service team about any enquiry you may have. By calling our number we will transfer you to discuss all related information with regards to your account. Call today for a fast reliable service that is easy to find and does not cost the earth.

Call our Pay Pal contact number today on 0844 887 1164. This number will connect you to helpful members of staff on the customer services team who will assist with all enquiries.

Calling our Pay Pal contact number will allow you to discuss anything related to Pay Pal whether it is buying, selling, account information or transferring money between accounts. The customer services department are willing to assist with all enquiries whether they are able to answer your question themselves or have to direct you elsewhere within the company.

Call our Asda contact number on 0844 887 1180 for any queries, problems or complaints you happen to have, about stores, products or general information.

For a company as big as Asda when trying to locate which number to call on their website it can be difficult to decide. Our Asda contact number solves this problem and directs you straight through to customer services. Call 0844 887 1180 for this fast and reliable service where you can be directed to exactly where you need to be without the hassle of finding the number online.