Car insurance sheilas wheels winter driving

Sheilas’ Wheels news update: all insurance companies are planning ahead for the winter months and advising their drivers how to deal with weather conditions.

There are lots of elements of winter driving that should be taken into account before anyone gets behind the wheel of a car during the winter months. Sheilas’ Wheels are one of the leading insurance companies operating throughout the UK and will be issuing this advice to their customers in light of the coming season.

severn trent bt women ftse

Severn Trent news update: Liv Garfield, the former head of strategy at BT has been announced as the fourth female to run a FTSE registered, UK based company.

Garfield was previously with the telecommunications company BT and held several top positions at the firm, including head of strategy and heading the rollout of the BT Openreach “superfast” broadband scheme. All of the positions she held at BT have allowed her to demonstrate her management skills which will be called upon in her time at Severn Trent.

B&Q New Look Book

B&Q News Update: New Look Book launched to help Britain’s householders make the most of the rooms that are neglected and left unloved in many of our homes.

B&Q remind us that winter is a very special time in the year when we want to make our homes a lovely warm and welcoming place for our friends and relatives who will visit over Christmas. B&Q have done their research and discovered that across the country there are some sixteen million rooms that need help from their owners to get them ready for the festive season.

HGVs and Cyclists accidents

Aviva News Update: Aviva launches safety initiative. In response to the many bad collisions between cyclists and Heavy Goods Vehicles, Aviva take action.

The insurance giant has launched a campaign to bring the attention of both groups to the issues that face cyclists who share the road with heavy good vehicles. With many serious accidents every year Aviva are attempting to bring the two groups together to see what can be done to prevent the very serious consequences of such accidents and reducing the number of cyclists injured on the roads. In London alone Aviva have been involved in half of the cyclist fatalities. That is a worrying number given that cyclists make up less than five per cent of all traffic on the roads.

ASOS British business

ASOS News Update: Prime Minister visits ASOS. David Cameron visited the online fashion chain and vowed to get tough on the red tape throttling UK business.

asda apologises for mental patient halloween costume

Asda News Update: Asda ‘Mental Patient’ costume mistake. The store was forced to issue an apology recently over their ‘mental patient’ fancy dress outfit.

The store made a grave error of judgment in putting on sale an outfit for Halloween that featured a person covered in blood with a machete in hand. The costume was labeled ‘mental patient fancy dress costume.’ Many people took to the social media site Twitter to voice their concerns and disgust at the description of the costume and the reference to people with mental illness.

argos goes digital

Argos News Update: Argos go digital as shoppers mourn the demise of the little blue pens and pads that have been an iconic symbol of the store for so long.

The frustration of trying to find a little blue pen to mark down the order at Argos will soon be a thing of the past. The new way of ordering will be by touch screen, Argos have announced, as part of the digital transformation that it is implementing countrywide.

earthquake repairs to washington dc union station

American Express News Update: Amex and the National Trust in station grant. Union Station in Washington has been awarded a grant after earthquake damage.

The joint efforts of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express mean that work will be able to go ahead on the historic Union Station in Washington DC to repair the gilded ceiling of the building that was damaged in an earthquake in the summer of 2011. The ceiling, that is above the main hall of the station has already attracted two million dollars worth of grants that American Express contributed to the region when the partners in preservation scheme was brought to the area earlier this year.

Aldi Brandy £77 cheaper

Aldi News Update: Aldi takes on high-end spirit retailers as Christmas approaches and they offer vintage bottles of vintage brandy at below retail price.

optical express glasgow

Optical Express News Update: Optical Express anger landlords. The Glasgow based Optical chain has incurred the wrath of a band of major Scottish landlords.

The trouble has arisen over controversial plans for restructuring that are to be undertaken by the optical group. Initially David Moulsdale who runs the Glasgow based Optical Express called in the administrator for the DCM Optical Clinic at Begbies Traynor. Immediately after that it bought back sixteen of the nineteen stores in the complex under the umbrella of a pre-pack deal.

3 mobile nexus 5 on sale

3 Mobile News Update: 3 Mobile Launches the Nexus 5, the impressive and debut smartphone from Google running on the latest Android KitKat operating system.

Mastercard ProBono Scheme

MasterCard News Update: The ProBono is a Challenge being undertaken with the Taproot Foundation where volunteers give their time and expertise to others.

Some of the organisations taking up the challenge are The Girl Scouts of the USA, ACCION East, Junior Achievement of Greater New York the Women’s; Enterprise Development Centre and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship at the headquarters of MasterCard in Purchase New York State. The volunteers weighed in with expertise and help according to their own specialty and the enterprises included building a strong business plan to making effective technology strategy and helping with financial modelling.

Maplin Stevenage Closes

Maplin News Update: Maplin in Stevenage closes. One reporter found that the big storm was not the only thing that had damaged the high street in Stevenage.

A reporter recently recalled the years of his childhood when Maplin allowed his brothers genius for electronics to develop. Now however the shop has closed in Stevenage with a notice in the window that says that the store can still be visited on line. This is a sign of the times as more and more retailers take to the Internet unable to keep up with the tough trading climate on the high street.

M&S Christmas Advert

Marks and Spencer News Update: Christmas advert launched. M&S threw down the gauntlet to John Lewis with the launch of its new Christmas advertisement.

An all-star cast and fake snow aplenty ensure that the advertisement for Marks and Spencer was just as magical as had been anticipated. The advert that runs for two minutes has thrown down the gauntlet to other multinationals in the run up to the Christmas season. Three big names, Helena Bonham Carter, Rosie Huntington Whitleigh and David Gandy have graced the M&S advert and are sure to represent the ‘one to beat’ in the advertising campaign for Christmas.

manchester airport topless protest

Manchester Airport News Update: Holidaymakers strip at security gate. Two women aged forty-eight and fifty-one stripped off at an airport security gate.

The two women who had been queuing at security were asked to remove their belts and coats by officers doing searches. The women caused a furore as they went further and began to strip off all their clothes. The impromptu stripteases, however, have earned the women a day in court. The latest case of stripping comes just a few weeks after another incident that involved an ex postman who stripped his clothes off on the runway and had to be Tasered into submission.

Luton Airport Chaplain retires

Luton Airport News Update: Sky Chaplain retires with fly past. The Reverend Michael Banfield is retiring after eighteen years as chaplain at Luton Airport.

The senior Chaplin of the airport who is an aviation enthusiast and is also the honorary chaplain of the Tiger Moth club was given a flight in a 1941 Tiger Moth that had been arranged for him by his friends and colleagues. The chaplain took up his post back in 1995. At that time there was a rapid growth of the airport and of the numbers of aircraft that it handled. Rev. Banfield has led a team of volunteers that now is eleven strong and offers support to travellers and to the airport’s staff from Jewish and Muslim associate chaplains.

lovefilm scary films

LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM put the frighteners on as their survey reveals fans vote Hannibal Lecter the villain who scares them the most at the movies.

The supremely scary Dr. Lecter from the famed American thriller film The Silence of the Lambs received the vote for the scariest character on our screens. LOVEFiLM carried out a poll of two thousand of the film fans and the very articulate and thoroughly evil Dr. Hannibal Lecter secured the number one spot in the ‘scariest’ poll. He had a massive twenty five per cent of the vote.

Littlewoods First Profit in a decade

Littlewoods News Update: First annual profit in a decade. The profit was announced from Very as well as Littlewoods with pre tax profits of 6.6 million.

The healthy bottom line is thought to be due to the increasing sales of tablet computers and mobile phones that have gone a long way to helping the Very and Littlewoods brands towards their impressive results and the first profit that they have seen in ten years. The impressive £6.6 million profit is in comparison to over fifty seven and a half million pounds los that was recorded just one year earlier.

Rudolph comes to Lidl

Lidl News Update: Rudolph on the menu for Christmas. The discount grocer may find itself unpopular as it launches its campaign for Christmas with Reindeer.

Weighing into the traditional battle for Christmas advertising with the larger supermarkets Lidl is set to launch its campaign with reindeer steak that it says it has put on sale again after popular demand from its customers. The advert will feature the voice of Harry Enfield a comedian and the multi million pound advertising campaign will have its focus on the Deluxe range that Lidl produce. The range includes such delicacies as a whole cooked lobster on sale for just less than six pounds and even a Christmas favourite, a mini stolen for £1.99.

legal and general builds

Legal and General News Update: L&G Build twenty-seven new homes. The Insurance Company is set to redevelop two Grade II listed buildings in Stoke Poges.