Ovo's List of Energy Suppliers

Ovo news update: We all know that keeping the house warm and ourselves toasty does not come cheap and Ovo have put together a list of the cheapest and the most expensive.

If you are looking for the cheapest place to fire up all your energy-using devices then head for Bahrain. The price of petrol is just seventeen pence per litre in the oil rich nation and utilities area correspondingly cheap. In Canada the price of energy is roughly just one-third of what it is in the UK. In China the use of coal, while it is disastrous for the environment, does produce cheap energy.

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Intelligent Finance Miss Out on

Intelligent Finance News Update: Intelligent Finance left out of deal. The future is uncertain for the finance company as they are left out of Co-op deal.

Intelligent Finance find themselves on shaky ground as they were left out of the deal which has seen the Co-op buying six hundred and thirty two branches from Lloyds. Intelligent Finance was a ground breaker in internet backing and was part of the Halifax Bank of Scotland when it was bought up by Lloyds during the period of the world wide financial crisis and was due to be offloaded as part of the downsizing of the baking giant that was forced on it by EU regulations.

Halfords New Range of Bikes Introduced

Halfords News Update: Chris Boardman bike launched. Earlier this month the Boardman 2014 Performance range of bikes was launched and will stay at Halfords.

The Boardman range has confirmed that they will be selling their bikes in Halfords for another decade at least. Halfords sell about one million bicycles every year and they have announced that they will continue to be the exclusive retailer for the Boardman Performance Series of commuter, cyclocross and mountain bikes.

Good Summer Means Rise In Profits for Direct Line

Direct Line news update: The good summer saw profits rise as a 96% surge was recorded in the first six months of the year, even against stiff competition.

Diageo Bartender of the Year

Diageo News Update: Diageo World’s Best Bartender Award is a four part TV series that spotlights the world of mixology giving the stage to bartenders.

The World’s Best Bartender will be launched with a four part TV series in which the world’s best mixologists will be competing for the prestigious title that will be awarded by Diageo. There were over ten thousand entries that were whittled down to a mere forty-three who were invited on board a luxury cruise liner. The liner then set sail on a glittering journey that started in Monaco continued on to St Tropez to Ibiza and for the finale of the competition to the La Monumental Bullring in Barcelona.

DHL recycling scheme

DHL News Update: Courier is a big success at the Gadget Show. The Courier’s ‘don’t bin it, bring it’ campaign through its Envirosolutions arm, hits home.

The campaign has been designed to get consumers to re-use or recycle their unwanted electronic equipment. The retro living room that was set up at the Gadget Show by DHL Envirosolutions aimed to give inspiration and shows ways to recycle unwanted goods. The environmental arm of DHL was celebrating a triumphant appearance recently at Earls Court, at the Gadget Show Live. The courier was encouraging people to think again before disposing of their unwanted electrical items and had, on display, an explanation of the process of recycling for such goods.

Debenhams introduce size 16 mannequins

Debenhams news update: The store becomes the first high street retailer to introduce what is considered plus-size, size 16, mannequins as a standard model.

The move comes as Debenhams try to ensure that they better represent women’s shapes as they really are. The new larger sized dummies will take their place in the store beside the traditional size 10 dummies. The new sized dummies will reflect more accurately the average size of woman in the UK that has risen to a size 16 in the last ten years. Most of the retailers on the high street including Topshop and Miss Selfridge are still using size 10 dummies. Size 12 is the dummy of choice for Wallis and Dorothy Perkins.

Indian Restaurant Site Set For New Costa

Costa Coffee news update: New Costa causes a stir. The local Cookham press reports that the coffee-chain will open at the site of Shaahs Indian Restaurant.

Costa have said that the new coffee outlet will bring eight to ten new jobs to the local area and that as it always does it will be getting involved in local and community events as well as fundraising. They said that they hope the new coffee shop will offer another option to local people as a place to meet.

Compass Group Receive Award

Compass News Update: Compass get award from the Soil Association. The Catering Mark recognises food quality, fresh ingredients and animal welfare issues.

It was Edinburgh Zoo that attracted the bronze award for the food served at breakfast, lunch and from the snack menu in the staff restaurant and the Jungle Food Court Coffee Shop and the Penguin Coffee shop as well as the Grasslands Restaurant. These particularly eateries had met the standards that were required for the award in that at least seventy five per cent of the food was freshly prepared on site and that menus reflected the seasons.

The Co-op Scottish Holidays Celebrations

Cooperative Food News Update: Celebrating Scottish holidays. The St Andrew’s day holiday has inspired Cooperative Food to suggest we eat a Scottish feast.

Cooperative Food say that St Andrew is in fact very unlikely to have ever trodden on Scottish soil. In fact the day to honour the Saint comes at the beginning of the Winter Festival that lasts from St Andrew’s Day to the other end of the festival that is marked by Burn’s Day.

Paul Flowers Coop

Cooperative Bank News Update: Independent inquiry to take place into events at the bank going back to 2008, after the investigation into Paul Flowers.

There is going to be an independent inquiry to look into “events at the Co-op Bank” dating back to the year 2008, The Chancellor has said.

Three stop sales through Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse news update: From early December the UK’s smallest mobile network, Three Mobile, will no longer be selling through Carphone Warehouse.

From early next month customer of Three mobile will no longer be able to buy any device upgrades or service plans through the high street retailer Carphone Warehouse, as the network is cutting its ties. And they have not only removed their custom from the high street but also from the Carphone Warehouse website. From that time onwards customers who want to use Three will have to go one of the three hundred and forty eight stores and online sites that Three have or go to other smaller retailers.

Capital One Military Employer

Capital One news update: Company named the best military friendly employer. Capital One Financial Corporation takes the Victory Media top spot for 2014.

Victory Media are the publisher of G.I. Jobs and the sister magazine Military Spouse. It was the Military Spouse magazine that commended Capital One for being military friendly. The award was given following a survey of more than 5000 companies across the country.

Alcohol Fueled Night For British Gas

British Gas news update: Customer service staff from British Gas were treated to a lavish two-day training course as new tariff rises are announced.

The customer service team had a two day boozy get away on a training course to teach them how to squeeze the energy giant’s hike of 9.2 per cent out of already struggling customers.

Bupa Patients Fight Back

Bupa News Update: Many patients have expressed anger with the insurance company after the attack by its patients during a Competition Commission probe.

The attacks came as the insurer face the competition commission to discuss the findings of its investigation into the private health industry that is worth five billion pounds. The industry is dominated by the Big Five who are HCA, Spire Health Care, General Health Care Group, Ramsay Health Care UK and Nuffield Health and the Competition Commission want to find out if this dominance distorts the chance of competition in the sector.

British Airways Boeing 777 Shannon Ireland

British Airways News Update: Passengers hear mayday call. Frightened passengers on a British Airways flight hear captain radio for help over the Atlantic.

Passengers who were on a British Airways flight to New York were alarmed when they heard the captain making a mayday SOS call as they cruised thirty six thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean. As smoke filled the cockpit of the Boeing 777 the captain put in a distress call not realising that he had accidentally put on the public address system.

BP Tell Lies Over Oil Spill

BP News Update: BP accused of lying over oil disaster. The oil giant is accused of covering up the full extent of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil well disaster.

As the second part of the trial that is looking into the oil well disaster gets underway in New Orleans, and with the threat of billions of dollars of fines hanging over them, BP’s lawyer, Mike Brock, insisted that the company had done all that it could to stem the oil that gushed from the well after an explosion on the Deep Horizon rig. The explosion killed eleven oil workers.

BHS to open food stores

BHS News Update: Convenience stores to open and Sir Philip Green takes on Marks and Spencer and supermarkets for the convenience food store customer.

The announcement has been made that the retail guru is to introduce BHS into the race of the in store food convenience market. The news came on the same day that Asda one of the three biggest supermarkets in the UK announced that it would be expanding into convenience food for the fist time. This comes at the end of a long period where Asda has kept out to stay out of the race with its rivals Tesco and Sainsbury as well as Morrison.

Spurs Eriksen Ankle Injury Return

Bet365 News Update: Spurs’ Eriksen could be back before Christmas after good news about the Danish player’s ankle injury, Tottenham Hotspur have announced.

Bet365 are always on the ball when it comes to giving their clients the latest news about the sports that they love. In the Bet365 report about Christian Eriksen they reported that it had not been looking good for the Denmark International player who was initially thought to have done some serious damage to his ankle during a friendly between his home nations team and Norway last week. Reports at the time said that the twenty one year old player had suffered some damage to the ligaments that might mean he would be out of action for three months.

Barclaycard Spending October Slump

Barclaycard News Update: Barclaycard say that consumers have been holding back in October and are saving their money for the heavy Christmas expenditure.

October figures showed that spending growth was slow at just under two per cent with consumer spending low as credit card customers brace themselves for the expense of the festive season. Barclaycard say that the move away from the high street saw spenders buying more on line preferring to stay indoors in the wet weather and with the threat of disruption to traffic and transport by the recent big storm.