Use the MoreThan contact number to connect to their customer services department and receive help and assistance with your present or new insurance policy.

With a wide variety of products and services, MoreThan is one of the leading insurance companies in the UK. Set up twelve years ago, the company is part of the RSA Insurance Group – a multinational business based in London, but trading in over 140 countries world wide and providing their services to over 20 million people. To get more information about the countries the RSA Group operate in, please call the MoreThan contact number, where a member of staff will be able to give you any information you need.

Legal and General are a big Insurance company with a lengthy history compared with its on line rivals. Call Legal and General contact number 0844 561 1588.

Hastings Direct is a big insurer with a catchy advertising campaign based around the battle of Hastings. Call Hastings Direct contact number 0844 561 1014.

Insurance is a necessary purchase for all of us. Most importantly the biggest priced things in our lives like our homes and cars need to be insured in case anything happens to them. How many of us could afford a replacement car or house without insurance behind us? Call Hastings Direct contact number 0844 561 1014 for more details.

eSure are a large and leading insurance company in the UK. For more details or to find out what policies they have call eSure contact number 0844 335 8813.

Elephant Insurance offer insurance for cars as well as other cover. For the details of what they offer call Elephant Insurance customer service 0844 335 8301.

E Car are a major insurer and the company enables its customers to manage any insurance online at any time, 24/7. Call E Car customer service 0844 335 8201.

Direct Line is one of the major insurers in the UK. They are known for their catchy advertising. Call Direct Line contact number 0844 335 6701 for details.

Call 0844 800 2065which is the Prudential contact number that we provide on this website. It will connect you straight to Prudential customer services.

Contacting companies can be a stressful experience and generally speaking we have developed into a society who hates making those phone calls. The customer is often left on hold for hours before being connected through to someone who just wants to direct you elsewhere again. All of these things mean we avoid making the phone call as much as possible, but the Prudential contact number is a direct dial number that will not treat you like this.

Use the RSA contact number 0844 800 2631 and speak with a member of their customer services team and discuss your insurance policy, as a new or old customer.

RSA are a general insurance company who can offer a range of services to make sure you are completely covered regardless of the incident or the item damaged. Insurance is something everyone needs for a whole host of things, from contents insurance to travel insurance, RSA can help. This of course means that the RSA contact number listed here is available for all customers to call and discuss their various insurance needs.

Call the Saga contact number 0844 800 2704 and speak with a member of the team who can answer any enquiry and provide a vast array of help and support.

Saga are a massive company who offer a range of products and services and therefore need to provide extensive customer services. This means there are dozens of reasons for their customers to have to call the Saga contact number and they attempt to organise the calls using an automated menu at the beginning of the phone call. All this does is organise all of the calls received in order to connect you through to the correct person in the customer services team.

Use the Sheilas Wheels contact number to speak with a member of the customer services department and have all insurance enquiries answered immediately.

Founded by Peter Wood in 2000, esure offer insurance at competitive prices. For more details of their services call esure Customer Service 0844 335 8813.

Esure are at the forefront of the insurance markets in the UK and they use the Internet as their primary channel for selling their insurance products. Their chairman Peter Wood was a direct selling pioneer in insurance by telephone. Although this seems a very commonplace way of selling these days, in 1985, when Peter Wood launched Direct Line this was an innovative move. With esure, the aim was that the company should go a step further and used the broad scope of the Internet to give good deals and reward good drivers and responsible homeowners.

With the NHS waiting lists getting longer private medical insurance has become of interest to many. Call Bupa contact number 0844 335 2803 for more details.

There is no doubt that the long waiting lists that many of us may suffer as we wait for attention from the NHS is a worry. And especially as we get older, the thought of being immobilised while we wait for months for a hip or knee replacement can be daunting. One way of beating the queues and gaining more control over your consultations and treatment is to take out private medical cover. You can call the Bupa contact number 0844 335 2803 for more details.

Aviva is one of the best-known insurance companies in the United Kingdom. You can call a customer service agent on the Aviva contact number 0844 335 0480.

Insurance is a fact of life for all of us, and Aviva are one of the best known of the insurance companies operating in the UK. Their clever television advertisements featuring the actor Paul Whitehouse in many different roles are very amusing and memorable and will no doubt have added to the numbers of customers that are using Aviva for their insurance needs. If you have queries of any sort about insurance products then you can call the Aviva contact number 0844 335 0480 to talk to one of their call handlers.