Food and Drink

Call the Nectar contact number to speak with a member of the loyalty card’s customer services department. They can assist with all enquiries about the card.

The Morrisons contact number listed here is a direct connection to their customer services department so that callers can receive all relevant assistance.

By calling the McDonalds contact number that we list on this website callers will be able to speak with a member of the customer services team immediately.

As the world’s largest fast food chain, McDonalds restaurants are a staple feature of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks, which is hardly surprising considering there’s nearly 1200 sites in the UK. To find your local branch, call the McDonalds contact number on 0844 887 1189, or visit their website.

Aldi are one of the best known of the budget supermarkets. They do not, however, compromise on quality. Call the Aldi telephone number on 0844 335 1236.

Aldi have made their reputation from selling goods in a no-frills way so that their prices are kept low. They also have a packing system that means that customers pack their shopping away from the tills allowing for faster service to the queues of customers who are buying at the store. For details of your local store, including opening hours, pick up the phone and call the Aldi telephone number.

For all Pizza Hut related enquiries, use the Pizza Hut contact number 0844 800 1728 and speak with a member of their customer services department instantly.

Restaurants’ customer services departments are in high demand in terms of their customers wishing to speak with a member of the team in order to have their enquiry answered as well as potentially look into hiring the restaurant for a particular purpose. When the Pizza Hut contact number is called, the caller will be greeted with an automated menu requesting that they select the option most closely related to their enquiry.

Diageo are a premium drinks supplier who export beverages all around the world. For more details of their range call Diageo contact number 0844 335 6608.

Use the Sainsbury’s contact number to speak with a member of their customer services department, dial 0844 800 2852 for a direct connection to the team.

There are endless reasons for needing to speak with a member of the Sainsbury’s customer services team because they are one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and serve thousands of customers on a daily basis. The Sainbury’s contact number is available to be called whenever you have an enquiry pertaining to the products available in Sainbury’s stores.

Costa Contact Number

Contact Number For Costa

Costa is one of the best-known coffee shops on British high streets. It was part of the coffee shop revolution. Call on Costa contact number 0844 335 6302.

Compass Group has the largest portfolio of food services globally. To find out more about their operation call on Compass contact number 0844 335 6102.
With an operation that is worldwide, Compass site their culinary know how as being at the core of their success. They are focused on marketing skills and development of their brand as well as making sure that the people skills they have are what is needed for the marketplace in which they operate. Offering the choice of their own chefs concepts in catering events or implementation of their clients own concepts the creative solutions offered by Compass are the result of careful development of what their customers need. They are proactive in canvasing more than thirty thousand of their customers each year so that they are in touch with what the customer wants and how the products that they provide are being received. Using this method of continuous feedback from the customers that they serve Compass are confident that they will be on top of all the latest culinary trends in the food industry. Call on Compass contact number 0844 335 6102 for more details.
Using the insight and the feedback gained from research the New Product Development Team convert what is fed back into a constantly evolving service to their customers. Some of the latest additions to their menus include Wild Greens, Green Masala, and a Taste of the Mediterranean range as well as a Best of British & Taste of Ireland range too. For more on the ranges available, call on Compass contact number 0844 335 6102.
In an innovative ‘Meet the Grower’ programme focus is put on product traceability all the way from the farms food is grown or reared on to the customer’s fork. Compass is determined that they should always be seen to source their food ethically.
All the Core Concept meals that are produced by Compass have been developed in a collaboration between their in house chefs and nutritionists, so that data on GDA or as it is known, Guide Daily Amounts can be included in the products that they produce. For more information on GDA call on Compass contact number 0844 335 6102.

If you find that you need to speak with the high street coffee specialists Starbucks, dial the Starbucks contact number 0844 887 1190 for all enquiries.

Millions of people visit one of the hundreds of Starbucks stores across the country every day. Whether it is on the way to work, on the way home or just for a necessary midday coffee hit they serve millions of cups of tea, coffee and variations on those drinks. While they strive to offer the highest possible level of service occasionally things go wrong and then you need to find the Starbucks contact number. This is provided here so that you can speak with the customer services department directly.