Carphone Warehouse News Update: Three Cut Ties

Three stop sales through Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse news update: From early December the UK’s smallest mobile network, Three Mobile, will no longer be selling through Carphone Warehouse.

From early next month customer of Three mobile will no longer be able to buy any device upgrades or service plans through the high street retailer Carphone Warehouse, as the network is cutting its ties. And they have not only removed their custom from the high street but also from the Carphone Warehouse website. From that time onwards customers who want to use Three will have to go one of the three hundred and forty eight stores and online sites that Three have or go to other smaller retailers.

The decision to end the relationship with Carphone Warehouse comes in the wake of Three curbing its relationship with Phones 4U last year. Both of these decisions are believed to be the result of wanting to cut back on the expense incurred of selling through third party retailers. A spokesman for Carphone Warehouse said that the decision to pull out by Three would not make any difference to the wide range of choice that Carphone Warehouse offered its customers. He said that he believed that no one else had the range of networks and tariffs on offer that were available at CPW.

Carphone Warehouse News Update

Carphone Warehouse have apparently circulated a memo in the business saying that the decision of Three to take its business away would not make much impact as the business was a very small part of the overall concern and that Carphone Warehouse would continue to do business with larger network providers. It would, he added, be interesting to see if the decision to pull out of business with CPW and Phones 4U, the other major retailer in the UK would affect the small network provider’s bottoms line.

However it is true to say that Three contracts often stack up well when compared to other providers like Vodafone, O2 and EE especially in the provision of unlimited data. It also looks as though some other of the major players in the sector will be happy to see the back of Three at Carphone Warehouse as the network is planning to offer 4G LTE data plans to it customers for an ‘all in’ price.

There is no doubt that there will always be stiff competition for our business amongst the mobile phone providers that will hopefully lead to lower prices.

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