Carphone Warehouse News Update: Social Media Usage Enhanced

Carphone Warehouse Smart Bites

Carphone Warehouse news update: The high street mobile retailer have launched a new initiative on the back of the first Manchester United game sans Fergie.

As most people in the UK know, not just those who are avid football and Manchester United fans, the football team faced their first match with the guidance of their seemingly omnipresent manager, Alex Ferguson. David Moyes has taken over and oversaw his first game this month, which meant lots of people were talking about the events.

Due to this excess of conversation, Carphone Warehouse saw this as an opportunity to launch their new ‘Smart Bites’ initiative. With their digital partners Steak and 360i, the Carphone Warehouse have decided to start a social media oriented initiative that gets their company intrinsically involved with culturally relevant, contemporary conversations.

Carphone Warehouse News Update

In this instance, Carphone Warehouse opted to post on Twitter and Facebook about David Moyes and his first match in charge of Manchester United. They made sure their comments had an edge though and the idea took a technological twist and always involved a Smartphone in some way. Whether it was ‘sent from’, referring to or an image with the comment embedded in, the readers knew Smartphones played a role.

Social Media has developed over the past ten years to reach a point at which businesses can no longer disregard its presence in the world as purely social and not welcome in the work place: it is a channel for all businesses to promote their products and services but also to interact with their customer in an easier and much more personal way.

Particularly in relation to culturally relevant conversations, social media is the prime opportunity for companies to promote their products and services. The use of hashtags on Twitter, specific accounts that can be ‘mentioned’ and thus connected can be found by those ‘following’. This interconnectedness allows for the vast exposure, particularly to those who are avid Twitter users and therefore understand the fickleness, volatility and brevity of it.

‘Smart Bites’ will post every day for the coming five weeks and then the brand will go from there in relation to its longevity. Steak and 360i have been praised by the powers at Carphone Warehouse and their role in the development of the content in relation to the ever –growing and –developing role of social media in SEO. The demand for the content producers to respond in real-time was high and their response proved to be exceptional, allowing for the connectivity with customers, both existing and potential, to excel.

For more information on the Carphone Warehouse Smart Bites initiative or any other product they offer, contact their customer service department

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