Capital One News Update: Company Named 2014 Friendly Military Employer

Capital One Military Employer

Capital One news update: Company named the best military friendly employer. Capital One Financial Corporation takes the Victory Media top spot for 2014.

Victory Media are the publisher of G.I. Jobs and the sister magazine Military Spouse. It was the Military Spouse magazine that commended Capital One for being military friendly. The award was given following a survey of more than 5000 companies across the country.

The criteria that were imposed included a benchmark score over certain key programs and the policies that companies had for actively recruiting ex military personnel, as well as the percentage of military employees hired.

Capital One has long been a staunch supporter of veterans and has always valued the experience that ex military personnel brings to the workplace. To further the cause of ex military personnel Capital One have developed a Military Skills Translator.

The tool arrives at accurate comparisons to military skills and to rates of pay, grades and other parameters so that the right fit for a civilian job can be found. Capital One hopes that the tool will match skills gained in military life to those in the companies that ex service men and women want to work in.

Capital One have said that they feel very honored to have ex service men of all skills and from all branches of the armed forces working for the company at all levels, particularly appreciating the experience and reliability that they brought to Capital One. A spokesman said that Capital One were committed to helping military men and women and their spouses make the sometimes difficult transition from life in the armed forces to a civilian life.

Even those who are reservists are welcomed with Capital One who readily accepts that active service is grueling and necessary. They aim to make it easy for the staff that they employ to continue with their military commitments without fear of losing their civilian jobs.

Capital One News Update

The award that Capital One has received is in its eleventh year and the company have said that they feel very honored to have received the accolade. Every year the companies that take part in the challenge need to meet higher levels than the year before. The Military Friendly Employers, overall reported that they had, between them, employed over one hundred and seventeen military personnel and their spouses over the previous year which was some fourteen per cent of the total number of new staff hired.

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